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These 10 Facts About Wikipedia Are A Real Eye-Opener!

Wikipedia has been the world’s most popular online and open-sourced encyclopedia since 2001 and is still holds that slot. Since it is open-source, any user can come in and change the content and provide whatever source they want, even if it is not legit.

Still, that is not to say that the admins of Wikipedia are sitting back and letting this happen on their watch. Most of the time, the sources are accurate. However, did you know that there are some very interesting facts that you never knew about Wikipedia? Some are amazing, while some are just plain weird. They really deserve a mention in this list.

  1. There Are Approximately 7 Thousand New Articles Daily

 You read that right. Seeing as how millions have access to the World Wide Web, it would make so much sense. There are about 7 thousand new articles are published daily in over 290 different languages.

  1. The Official Theme Song For Wikipedia Is “Hotel Wikipedia”

 “Hotel California” is one of the best-remembered songs by the Eagles from the 70s. It has been co-opted as the official theme song for Wikipedia from a list of songs known as “Wikipedia-oriented rock”. It says that the song was released in spring of 2004, but there has been no official citation of that claim as of yet.

  1. It Is The 7th Most Read Website In The World

 Wikipedia would not be so popular as it is today without people reading up on it now, would it? It holds the honor of being the 7th most widely-read website in the world today. It is read more than 2 billion times each month.

  1. Wikipedia Has A Birthday Committee

 The birthday commission on Wikipedia is there to wish a happy birthday to all the Wikipedians who list their birthday on their talk page, or on the list of Wikimedians by birthday. There are a different number of banners that can be used to wish Wikipedians a happy birthday.

  1. The Name Of The Site Has An Accurate Meaning To It

 In case you have been missing out on the digital world, Wikipedia is a combination of two words; wiki and pedia. Wiki means shared site and pedia is a short term for an encyclopedia, who among you have probably guessed it by now.

  1. Bad Weather Leads To More Updates

 It may not sound silly to many, but to the Dutch version of Wikipedia, it really helps as itallows them to stay on top of the Spanish Wikipedia.

  1. There Are More Than 3.5 Million Articles Are Written In English

 Out of 17 million total articles and over 290 different languages, there are over 3.5 million articles that are published in English on this website.

  1. There Is A Policy Titled “No Angry Mastodons”

 Wikipedia has had a long history of offering ridiculous policies with even sillier names. Some of those policies include ”No climbing the Reichstag dressed as Spiderman”,  “Jimbo’s prayer” and “No curses”. The ‘no angry mastodons’ policy requests users not to target the Wikipedia community with any malevolent hex or spell.

  1. Wikipedia Imposed A Week-Long Ban On The Congress

 At one time, the Congresspeople were editing each other’s articles so zealously that Wikipedia later imposed a week-long ban on the IP Address that belonged to the Congress.

  1. It Has Many Editors Worldwide

 Of the many users who visit Wikipedia, there are many who perform the editing jobfor content that is shared on this website. It has over 1,15,000 active editors and about 20 million registered editors. Yes, that many!

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