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10 WhatsApp Secret Features That Everyone Must Know About

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging app in the world.  It has over 1 billion users.  If you are using it everyday, you must know the cool tricks and secret features of the app.

Send A Giant Heart To Your Friend

If you want to send a big heart to your friends in WhatsApp, now this is that take you must know. If you send a red heart emoji on its own, then it will appear as a giant  beating heart,  which looks very beautiful and attractive.

Send The Same Message To Multiple People Without Them Knowing

In this feature, you can send a message to multiple peoples at a time, but the people wouldn’t know to whom you have sent the same message.  The option lies in the top left corner of WhatsApp chat screen.  The feature is called “Broadcast List”. While making broadcast list you have to select peoples from your contact list.  Feature works just like “Bcc”  button on emails.

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Bold, Italics, Strikethrough

Text formatting works very well in the emails.  We have the same feature in WhatsApp too.  Most of the people doesn’t know about this feature in WhatsApp.  To use this feature you have to add some symbols in front and after the word.  The symbols are “ * _ ~”.

To bold any word you have to add the star symbol before and after the word like *bold*.

Italic a message you have to use underscores _italic_

To strikethrough the text add tildes ~ strikethrough~

Search Out Who You Talk To The Most

If you are using iOS device, you can see setting in the head,  then account, then storage usage. Now you can see a list of the people and Groups you message on WhatsApp along with the total number of interactions you had with that person or group.

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Limit Data Usage

Open your WhatsApp account and go to settings.  Now data usage and then network uses.  In the data usage menu, you can easily limit the amount of data that WhatsApp uses by allowing the app to auto download  audios, images, videos and documents  when your phone is connected to WiFi network.  You can select the low data usage mode to reduce the amount of data.

Mute Not Interested Group Chat

If you have made  any group or you are member of any group chat in WhatsApp, and you are not interested to chat all the time or getting notification of that group, then you can mute the chat for 8 hours,  one week or one year. To open the mute option, go to the chat and click on the name of the group.  Mute it and select the amount of the time.  You can use the mute notification option-on-one to one chats.

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Control What Personal Information Unknown Users Can See

You can customise your information for the unknown group chat members in WhatsApp.  This is privacy for WhatsApp chat. Go to settings, account, privacy and change last seen, profile photo, and status to my contacts.  After setting up this feature, only users saved in your phone book will be able to see your picture and when your last time online.

Share Your Documents

Sharing documents through WhatsApp is a very useful features which is added in WhatsApp recently.  You can share documents directly from your iCloud drive and Google Drive into WhatsApp chat. Tap the upwards arrow that is to the left of the text window -> Share Document -> select where to share a document from iCloud drive and Google Drive.

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Stop Downloading Incoming Photos And Videos Automatically To Your Phone

The automatically save feature consumes Internet data in your smartphone.  You can stop it from savings automatically media coming from outside. Go to settings, then Chat  turn off save incoming media.

Add Home Screen Shortcut For Individual Chats

In What’sApp you can set up a home screen icon that link directly to any individual chat by tapping and holding on the chat. Select add conversation shortcut.  Now icon of the person’s profile picture will appear on your home screen.  The feature works on Android smartphones.


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