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3 Things Improved By Modern Tech

Technology rules our lives, and that’s no bad thing. It’s vastly improved our lives, even if people complain that it’s made us less connected as a society. There’s no denying that, without modern devices and inventions, healthcare wouldn’t be as advanced and safe as it is in the modern age; lives have been saved in so many ways over the past few decades thanks to intelligent people and their intelligent solutions. Here are 3 particular things that have been improved by modern technology.


Communication has always been the cornerstone of human progression and survival. As we’ve widened our reach to connect more and more people across the world, we’ve improved as a race and come to understand cultures which seemed foreign or unknown to our ancestors. When it comes to modern technology, communication is one of the most important ways in which we’ve excelled, and phones are an example of that. Over a hundred years ago, the first telephone was a groundbreaking invention; people could transmit voice messages over great distances.

Today, of course, modern technology has vastly improved this system with mobile phone and, more specifically, the smartphone. We now have miniature computers in our pockets capable of instantly and wirelessly connecting us to anyone and anywhere in the world. We don’t just have the ability to make calls but send text messages, access an unfathomably large library of data through the internet and perform a number of other tasks which have entirely transformed the purpose of a phone. Soon, our phones will be smart enough to identify us as their owners. There’s no doubt that modern technology has improved the phone. It was always a device designed to connect people and improve communication, and it has certainly achieved this to an extent that would have been beyond belief a century ago.


On a scale which might not seem quite as integral to human history but has still had an impact on millions of lives, the very definition of a “game” has changed over recent decades. With the advent of video gaming, kids no longer gathered with friends to play dull board games; they were playing as virtual characters in a realistic environment before their very eyes. Of course, modern technology has improved even the early concepts of video games such as Pacman and old consoles such as the first Playstation.

Now, online gaming gives people the ability to play multiplayer games with strangers from across the world. Even the world of online gambling, full of virtual casinos such as the one here, has made it easier for people to have recreational fun without having to travel to a physical casino. Virtual reality and augmented reality are the new steps in modern technology’s quest to revolutionize the definition of the word “gaming”, and it’s looking to be an exciting future.

The Media.

This is a slightly different topic to the previous two, but it’s one of the most important. Technology brought us the internet, and the freedom this has given millions of people to post whatever they wish and share their thoughts with who ever they wish has opened up a whole new realm of media: social media. Now that news and events can be shared freely and instantaneously by the average citizen, it’s no longer up to big corporations to share the news. That means there’s less censorship or manipulation of facts; we see things as they truly are. Some people think this is a good thing, but others think it’s lead to the average person spreading misinformation rather than big businesses. Overall, freedom must surely be better than oppression.


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