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5 Best Antivirus Software To Protect Your PC In 2016

Large growth of internet usage and the introduction of different gadgets that we use for browsing, caused cyber crime rates to grow at a fast pace. Most people think that a company and government website administrators are the only people who should worry about internet becoming less safe, ( Security Tips For Android Device ) but actually this affects all of us who use the network, which means more than 3 billion people around the world, so we should all do something to protect ourselves.

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The easiest thing you can do is to find an antivirus software that suits your needs and install it on your computer or a gadget. In this article we present the 5 most reliable programs you can find in 2016.


Avira is free! That’s one of its best features. Other than that, it also comes with reliable protection, explained by thorough help support, although many of its users complain about complicated layout and lack of extra features. On the other hand, Avira’s reliability was confirmed by many independent antivirus testing reviewers that often place it next to some of the best paid antivirus apps, like Kaspersky and Bit-defender.

Like with Kaspersky, Avira takes care of most issues by itself, which means that users only need to set the security parameters. It also comes with a small batch of extra features that include an auto-run block which protects your computer from malware threats entering through USB ports.


McAfee is another very popular antivirus program that offers several packages with different levels of protection and extra features. The cheapest package has almost the same features as the other, more expensive ones provided by other publishers, but it can work only on Windows computers.

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With paying a little bit more, users have the ability to use the program on many different gadgets, including smartphones and smartwatches. All packs come with home network protection and the McAfee WebAdviser, premium packs also have a document encryption technology and parental controls. By following this link you can find out more information about this reliable and popular antivirus software.


Panda developers like to point out that this software comes with almost the same features as paid packages from publishers like Kaspersky and Bitdefender. This is not exactly true, but Panda is one of the free antivirus programs that always receive the highest grades on most antivirus testing websites.

It is the strongest in the fields of real time protection and Real World Tests, but it falls short when it comes to reliability, since sometimes it is giving false positive alerts to users. Another bad thing about Panda is that the program tends to change the user’s homepage, which can be avoided by conducting free registration on publisher’s website or by purchasing paid version of the program, which also comes with Rescue Kit and URL Filtering.


You can get this fantastic antivirus program for a little bit more than $30, which is a great offer, since Bitdefender is definitely one of the most reliable antivirus programs, confirmed by many different AV testers. One of its most interesting features is an anti-phishing program that inspects search results of the most popular search engines and alerts users on malware threats lurking behind each link. Use Cloud Storage For Data Transfer.

Bitdefender also has very advanced security features created for online shopping, since it has a separate security browser, which can be used for transactions and a great password manager that also comes with an option for entering buyer’s credit card data and completing contact information forms automatically.


It can be bought for almost the same price as Bitdefender and although it doesn’t have so many extra features it comes with the most complex and layered defense structure on the whole market. One of the features on the offer can replicate Bitdefender’s anti-phishing program, by detecting threats hiding behind links in search results. This feature works in a cloud based environment, while others that work directly from the computer delete all immediate threats in real time, plus there’s also a supervising feature, called Kaspersky System Watcher, which can detect irregularities in regular system functions. Most AV Testing reviewers think that this is one of the best antivirus protection apps available.

Although most people choose free programs, the very modest prices that the program publishers are putting up, make paid antivirus software much more affordable, considering all the protection and extra features you get.

Submitted By : Oscar Waterworth

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