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5 Features To Take Windows 10 Control In Your Hands

Windows 10 has come with a lots of interesting tricks and features. The main thing is how to know about them and how to use them smartly. Windows 10 is a storehouse of amazing features. We are grabbing some of them here in this article.

Control Notifications

Notifications are one of the best features that we can use in Windows 10,  sometimes there like headaches they constantly distract with updates.  So you can control the updates and notifications.  Click on start=>  settings=>   system=> Notifications and actions.  You can turn  app notifications OFF.  You can also set whether all notifications or only crucial notifications appear on the lock screen.  You can also set reminders, alarms, incoming VoIP  calls on the lock screen to On or OFF. You can set notification app by app.


Click on the apps name and select whether the notification will appear as a banner on the desktop or not. You can also set whether notifications make a sound on the appearance or not.

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Customize The Start Menu Your Own

The easiest way to customize the Start menu is by pinning or rearranging the apps on it. You’ll also find a range of options by clicking Start => Settings => Personalization => Start. Now you’ll find the switches to turn suggestions on and off along with the most used or recently used apps. You can also use Jump Lists in the Start menu or taskbar to make recent documents or websites more accessible. Then Click on “Choose which folders appear on Start” and you can add a link to Downloads, Documents, Music or Pictures to the Start menu.

Sign In Faster With A Pin

Complex, long passwords are the way forward for security and also the best way to protect your Microsoft account still. Go to Settings => Accounts => Sign-in options. Now click Add in the PIN section, then enter your account’s password and click OK. Type in your new PIN in Box and in the box underneath to confirm it. Click OK and you can sign in with only the PIN in the future.

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Go To GOD Mode

God Mode is one of the great tricks for Windows power users, which gives you access to all of Windows tools and settings from a single panel. Everything sorted logically for expert users. To enable God Mode, you have to create a new folder then right-click on it and rename it to God Mode. Hit Return and watch as the icon transforms into a control panel icon. Simply double-click on that and you will see the new control panel. All the different tools and settings sorted into categories and listed in alphabetical order. God Mode even works on Sundays.

Set Background Scrolling

Windows on the desktop no longer need to be active in the foreground for you to scroll through their contents using the two-finger touchpad gesture or the mouse wheel. Follow this path, Go to Settings => Devices => Mouse & Touchpad and look for “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them”. This is also where laptop users can switch their touchpad on or off.


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