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5 Little Known Ways To Become More Creative In Content Writing

Some people think that writing is a creative work. Some people, however, think differently. When writing becomes your profession and you have to create content based not only on your ideas and inspiration but also on guidelines and clients’ request, there’s little space left for creativity… or not?

I think that creativity is important for everyone, especially for writers. We need to find something inspiring and challenging in our work, so it wouldn’t turn into a dull routine. Moreover, we also need to polish and strengthen our writing skills, no matter how good they are already – and creative writing can help with that a lot.

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But how to become more creative in your writing? Here are some tips to do so.

1.Learn Outside Your Niche.

Let’s assume you’ve been writing about finances for a while. You’re well familiar with the topic and writing comes easy but it had also slowly become boring. One of the best ways to change that and to add some creativity to our writing routine is to look for some inspiration. And if you decide to do so, do this outside your niche.

Why? Because a creative person is a curious person. They are interested in many things, not only in one or two. Moreover, learning new things can help you look at something from a different perspective too.

If you learn about different things and gain new knowledge, unexpected yet amazing things might happen. Maybe you’ll be able to come up with some new ideas. Maybe you’ll find a way to combine your new knowledge with some of your previous ideas, therefore forming a completely new one.

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2.Eliminate clichés.

It’s easy to write using the phrases and idioms other people use. However, such writing is anything but creative.

Try challenging yourself a bit, eliminating all the clichés from your texts and replacing them with more original phrases you’ve come up with on your own. Not only this will make your texts more unique and declutter your writing  – it will also encourage you to think differently, which is great for spiking creativity.

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3.Think About The Audience.

We know that audience basically dictates the style we’re writing in and the voice we use. Just like with clichés, this could be easy enough yet boring at the same time. You get used to writing in one specific style and rarely try something else.

However, it’s not only boring – it’s even a bit dangerous for a writer. You need to be a chameleon, able to adjust to almost any kind of audience, delivering interesting and compelling copies each time. If you write in one style for so long that you forget about the rest, that’s bad not only for your creativity but for your profession too.

Try practicing a bit, coming up with texts for different audiences. Challenge yourself by writing for an audience that’s really hard to impress. Sometimes the change of the guidelines is all we need to let our creativity shine.

4.Challenge Yourself A Bit More.

There are plenty of writing challenges and exercises online, designed for all kinds of writers (http://www.wikihow.com/Be-a-Good-Writer). Sometimes it might seem too hard and useless to try them, especially if your work requires a lot of writing. You might think that you don’t need to sign for NaNoWriMo or to practice writing 10 headlines for one post – after all, you still receive enough writing practice during your work.

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However, such challenges are about something more that simple regular writing. They help you fight the writer’s block, deliver interesting stories, look at the things from different angles – and, moreover, boost up your creativity.

5.Test Different Things.

Sometimes you don’t even need to do some extra writing in order to become more creative. All you need to do is to experiment with your work and to test the results. For example, you could try changing your style a bit or using a bit different voice. You can try approaching the topics differently too. You can try adding personal stories and examples to your articles.

Of course, this might seem like a risky thing to do. However, I’m not saying you should change everything completely, no. Try making small changes and always monitor the results. Maybe you’ll find out that new creative approach actually drives more traffic to your website. Or maybe you’ll understand that you’ll have to try something different.

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It doesn’t matter if you are a copywriter working for a digital agency and facing different tasks every day or a corporate writer, being in charge of a company’s blog all the time – creativity is important for everyone. It’s what allows us to express yourself while doing our work at the same time. It also allows entertaining the audience a bit. After all, though people might not understand it clearly, they still feel your mood and your voice through the text.

Without creativity, our work would become an endless stream of writing boring similar texts. So if you feel like your writing’s getting dull or your work seems too monotonous, try challenging yourself with exercises and tasks that boost creativity. Hopefully, this will help you feel inspired and full of ideas once again.

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