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5 Things To Ask Yourself Before Choosing Your New Smartphone

Over 50% of people in the USA change their phones once their old model stops working. Over 40% replaces their device with a new one as soon as their installment plan expires, which is after approximately two years. Only a small percentage changes it every year (Art Swift, Gallup, 2015). This is frequent enough for a person to develop their own way of choosing their next smartphone. Once you start choosing, these five things should be on your mind.

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Your Favorite Operating System

Android, Apple iOS and Windows OS are three most popular smartphone OS. However, there are different mobile operating systems that are simply not that widespread.  Android is an open operating system, which means you will be able to find many free apps on the market. It was developed by Google and each upgrade receives a name of a dessert starting with the next letter of the alphabet. It runs smoothly and has very appealing appearance. Apple iOS is a closed system which means that the apps have to be purchased. Only Apple devices can use this operating system and it focuses on performance. Windows OS was a bit tricky to use in the beginning. However, after Windows upgrade, the smartphone version of OS stopped being so PC-like. It is increasingly popular among users who mastered it.

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Type of Design You Like

People have different tastes, so the design is definitely up to you. Mobile phones used to be far more diverse, but today, they are all alike at the first glance. However, on the inside, they can be quite different. Apple smartphones are known for their exquisite design. On the other hand, those who prefer sharp edges will find something they like among Nokia phones. Samsung experiments successfully with the screen bent around the edges. It is all up to you.


Your Smartphone Primary Uses

Business users will definitely need a phone with the dual SIM option and a good battery life. In this way, all contacts can be at one place and the phone will not die out on a business trip. Also, it can function as a projector, PC or any other device needed for business use. Strong processor and good screen resolution are needed for casual use that includes taking photos, connecting to Wi Fi and watching videos. Dual SIM and good battery life are also needed for phones that you use as your travel companions. These phones need a lot of memory if you are about to use them for maps and navigation apps.

Your Smartphone Durability

Sure, people rarely plan on replacing their phones sooner than two years after they purchase it. However, you do not want it to break down before that. Either way, it is always good to know that there is a reliable mobile phone repair shop nearby, especially if you are travelling. Even if you are in Australia on vacation, first check where you can find a shop that can do good iPhone repairs in Sydney if there is the need in case something happens.

Price is Always a Factor

If you live off your smart phone, you cannot put a price on that. On the other hand, think about how long do you plan on owning that particular model before replacing it. All that should factor in your choice of your next daily companion. There are mobile phone websites where you can compare prices.

Your choice boils down to answering some of the questions concerning these five factors. The answer will narrow the search down to several models and then it is all up to you. One thing is for sure – nowadays, you do not choose a smartphone for life. You buy it now and you know you will replace it in two years or so. Therefore, make sure that you have the phone that matches your lifestyle.

Article By : – Dan Radak


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