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7 Best Automotive Apps For Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become a signature of the 21st century. It is difficult to find a person having no smartphone in this digital era. Moreover, the trend of digitalization is greatly fueled by mobile apps which are being used by you every day. There are a lot of people who are passionate bikers and travelers. If you are one of these people, apps offering features related to biking or traveling should draw your attention. In this world of apps, you will get countless alternatives with multiple purposes, several functions, and features. As the variety of choice is wide, it is quite difficult to choose the one perfect for you among so many similar apps. The best automotive apps are an addition to this variety of mobile apps.

To help you find the best smartphone apps for the bikers and travelers, a list of best automotive apps is given below. These apps, including Best Biking Roads, CoPilot GPS, GPS speedometer and much more, beat the rest for being really useful and effective. Most of these apps possess active customer issue resolution practices. You just need to open yourself up to the information provided by these apps and trust me, these apps can provide you an amazing experience. Now let’s move to the list of these apps:

 1. Best Biking Roads:

What if you get access to 10,000 route reviews from almost 80 nations around the world? Yes, this is reality and not a dream. Best Biking Roads is an app that makes searching the new and exciting rides easy for you. This app was created by the website named Best Biking Roads in order to help the bikers to log their journeys and share their experiences with others. Each of the listings is found to be rated in eight different categories and each listing is easily found based either on the rider’s proximity to it or through a text string. If you want to reap these benefits, download the app to join the 20,000 riders who are enjoying the features of this app.

 2. CoPilot GPS:

 When you download the CoPilot GPS app on your device, it will download all of the required maps. So, the app can work even when you are not connected to the internet. Each region has its own individual download which allows the app to work in such situation. It functions like software which includes a full-featured GPS unit. It also allows trip routing and you can find it automatically recalculating whether you should diverge from that path or not. This app also includes lane assistance. You can get assistance in your chosen voice. The updated version of this app includes live weather updates, real-time traffic information, current fuel price and of course, connectivity to others that are using this app. When you need to go somewhere you have never gone previously, you can take this app to help you on the ride to know in which direction you are actually going.

 3. GPS Speedometer Alarm:

Have you ever imagined of an app that can warn you whenever you exceed your speed limit? Well, this is the job of GPS speedometer apps, such as GPS Speedometer Alarm. Wait a while! This is not the single function of GPS Speedometer Alarm. The new version of this app introduces a bundle of amazing features like current weather monitor or current weather of your city, a smart compass to track your direction, and map locator. Map locator is perhaps the most useful feature for the travelers. It can help riders or travelers search the nearest ATMs, banks, hospitals, police stations, post offices, petrol pumps, hotels, and restaurants from their current location.

 4. MotortrackTour:

 The ride logging app, MototrackTour, functions with a central website in order to keep a track of the routes from the people who use it. The design of this app is kept simple and quick in order to give the users flexibility and an amazing experience. Using your phone’s GPS, the app makes the route maps as you go. It will also keep the records in detail such as speed, altitude, and acceleration during your ride.

Then, you can get the data stored on the phone or uploaded to the website of MototrackTour to share them with your friends or the other riders whom you want to show it.

5. Pocket First Aid & CPR:

Imagine a situation when you are either on the road or far away from any services and you meet an injury or sickness. Whom you can ask for help? Don’t worry! Pocket First Aid and CPR  App is ready to help you. This app can help people under many difficult situations. It offers easy, detailed and understandable first aid instruction along with an entirely modern CPR procedure with both containing lots of videos and high-resolution diagrams. This app is so organized that you will be able to find the information you require on an emergency basis. You would be surprised to know that this app saved the life of a man stuck for almost 65 hours under the fully collapsed building in the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

 6. Weatherbug:

You can guess the function of this app from its name. It is an ultimate weather app perfect for your smartphone. This app has an access to the largest network of weather stations on this planet. You can get the forecast in any language you want. The weather forecast is very important for the bikers. If the weather is going to be bad, you can be careful while biking. It offers severe weather alerts. Recently, a new feature has been added to this app that allows you to browse excellent weather images and upload them. You can also get live weather cams. It works on both Android and iOS.

 7. Rain Alarm:

 Rain Alarm, working on both iOS and Android, is made to warn the user about the incoming precipitation. This app does this by using your phone location in order to compare against national weather service radar information. You can configure a number of alarms in any way you want so that you can adapt the inner functions of the app as per your individual preferences. For instance, if you want to get a bit wet, it will alert you only when a storm is about to start. You can be warned when the rain is going to enter into a specified range so that you can put the bike under cover.

Final words:

Already excited by seeing this bunch of best automotive apps? Then, don’t waste a single minute and download the apps to get an amazing riding and traveling experience. Pick the apps that can make your life easy!

Submitted By : – Christina Ryan


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