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7 Google Drive Hidden Tips To Never Miss

Google Drive is full of suite tools. It has come a long way from the beginning, and still working on more useful tools. Anyone with a Google account or uses any of the service can access all the tools of Drive. We’ve put together these 7 tips for you on how to get the most out of Google Drive.

  1. Edit A Document By Collaborating Others

This feature is the most useful and amazing feature in Google Drive. You can collaborate any document in the drive with many other people. It can be used to get help from multiple people for a single project. 50 people can work with a single document at the same time. To be a part of collaboration, you have to share the document with those people. The sharing limit is 200. Only 50 people can edit the document, and more than that can only view the changes.

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  1. Set An Authority Level

While sharing a document, the owner can set the permissions to the job for each collaborator. There are 4 levels of document access. 1st the owner can do anything to the shared document, they can even delete it, and can invite more collaborators. 2nd the editor, who can edit and can invite more collaborators, but it will need owner’s permission. 3rd viewer, can only observe what is changing to the document. 4th commenter, who can see and leave a comment. Viewer and commenters can make copies of your project. So don’t think them safe.

  1. Chat With Collaborators

All the collaborator will appear at the top right corner as you start working. While working on a common document with collaborator, if you have something to ask about the document, or want to make any personal chat, then you can launch other windows with a Google Hangout. You can use IMs for instant chat.

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  1. Revise Your Document Like MS Word

The revision history function is very powerful in Google Drive. You can use it from the Menu, and by clicking at CTRL+ALT+Shift+G. But if you want the revisions to look like, MS Word document, then it has a feature called Suggest Edits. You can click on the editing Button up by Share and Comment buttons. In the new opened menu, you will get edits, viewing and suggest to see the final document.

  1. Upload Files By Easy Drag & Drop

The easy Drag & Drop features works very well at most of the places. Google Drive has a big Red New button on its interface to create new files. Here you can drag and drop any file or folder to upload it instantly.

  1. Use Drive Like Cloud Storage

We all know Dropbox is a popular sync service that allows you to edit a file in one place. The edited file shows up on every other computer, where you are running Dropbox. You can access Drive files anytime & anywhere from your mobile and PC. You will get instant access to edit the document with a double click on it. You will get a 15GB of big online space for free to save documents, after this you have to pay a small amount.

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  1. Direct Share Docs Via Gmail

We all know about Gmail services, but if you use Google Drive with it, then we have a good news for you. You never need to attach a document again for email sending. If we attach a file with Gmail, then there is a limit of 25Mb per file, but with Drive you can send upto 10GB files. The files have to be uploaded to Google Drive storage. Just insert the files into Gmail message with a click on the triangle button at the bottom of message creation screen.

Use all the above mentioned tips to your daily routine.

Thanks for reading.

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