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7 Smartphone Apps To Play With Your Photos

You can make the latest smartphone and tablet cameras more powerful, when you learn what you can do more with them apart from the basic videos and photos tools. Here are 7 smart apps to help you to get the best out of your smartphone camera ( Best Photo Organizer Apps ). There are a lot of tools inside to discover.

Enlight ( iOS only )


The app gives you a scrolling camera roll so that you can select images to edit in an instant. There is a toolbar that is always visible, and you can swipe it away to make more work space. You can edit, remove objects, skew, patch, make collages, convert to meme, decals, heal, adjust for Instagram, posterize and a lot more things. You can also choose output quality like TIFF, PNG. You will also get a bunch of built-in tutorial guide. This is a paid app @ Rs. 250.

Boomrang ( iOS & Android )


This app is developed by the Instagram team. The app lets you to create mini videos with a back and front loop effects. You have no need to sign up. One thing you should keep in your mind that, all the videos you shoot with the app will be automatically saved to your device. The app captures 10 photos in the burst mode, stitch them together and removes any shakes from the final video.

Vintique ( iOS & Android )


Vintique is the ideal app if you want to apply vintage effects to your videos and photos. The app applies effects in real-time for photos and videos. You can further tweak contrast, vibrance, exposure, saturation, temperature and other setting to get the desired photo. You can get more than 100 filters available with options like, add frames, flare effects and texture.

Fyuse ( iOS & Android )


The app requires you to capture the subject from different angles and with information from your smartphone’s accelerometer, gyro sensor and gravity sensor. After this the app stitches the photos together to create a 360 degree 3D photo. The concept behind this app is to enable you to capture 3D effect photos of any object or person. You can also swipe/tilt your screen to move around to view the photos from different angles. You can share and spread your 3D photos around the web with social media.

Horizon camera ( iOS & Android )


Horizon forces your phone to record videos and take images in horizontal orientation irrespective of how you hold the phone. The app even auto-levels your videos so that they are parallel to the ground. One good news for you, this app can support up to 4k video recording and even offers slow motion recording.

Candy Camera ( iOS & Android )


The app shows real-time effects of various filters while taking a selfie. There is a silent camera mode in which you can take a selfie without a loud shutter noise. The app developers claim that the filters are specially designed for best selfie results. It offers a handy beautiful function for improving selfies.

Live Blend ( iOS only )

The app lets you to capture double exposure videos in Full HD resolution. You have to select one photo from your library and the app will then use your phone camera’s feed to show an overlaid double exposure result. This app is paid only at Rs. 60.



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