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Alternative Keyboard Apps For Android Mobile

Most of the users have a built-in keyboard app, which is good enough to their devices. But aside from auto correction, the stock keyboards have no extra features in it. This gap can be filled with alternative keyboard apps. The good news is there is a lot of third party keyboard options and some of them are pretty spectacular. We have some most used keyboard apps, which will make you drop your original soft keyboard in a heartbeat.


If your some problem with your fingers to tap on the right letters, so you can try one the apps mentioned below. some of these apps let you swipe for better accuracy. The other apps learn the way you use words. They can even predict your next letter based on your favorite words. The apps we have lets you to make personalized look of your keyboard. You can customize QWERTY layout and the background.


Some apps are free, but some are paid and free for trial. We can’t suggest you any typing app, because everyone’s typing needs are different, but we will show you the best third party keyboard for Android options. We hope that the information provided to you will be helpful.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard is an award-winning keyboard app for Android device. It is totally free. The app learns from you and, delivers the best next-word prediction. It has a smarter autocorrect. It also support for over 800 emoji (emoticons) and Emoji Prediction, you can find much more things. SwiftKey is an alternative touch keyboard that gives you fast typing in a smart way. It’s the best smart keyboard for Android for fast Chat, Text, email and SMS. Make it default for all apps.

swiftkey ketboard

It contains 30 colorful themes, supports 80 languages and layouts for all screen sizes and devices. You can make fun-filled sentences and smile all around by emoji characters. The app is trusted by millions of people. It gives you mind reading suggestions, which learns from you as you type. You can sync your writing style securely to the cloud. You can also personalize word predictions from your Facebook, Evernote, Gmail, Twitter and more. Emoji is supported on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and KitKat.

ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji

ai.type is the most personalized, smartest keyboard app for tablets and smartphones. This app has over 20 million users worldwide. Using this app is a different experience; it lets you to type in a better and faster way by learning your writing style. But you can use these free premium features, like completion, swiping, prediction, emoji and correction for 14 days.

ai.type keyboard Free + Emoji

You can design keyboard layout, fonts, change themes. You can use more than 800 emoji and express yourself exactly. You can surf thousands of free themes, can share your designed theme with friends.

TouchPal -Emoji Keyboard&Theme

TouchPal is a little lesser-recognized keyboards out there. With a few useful features, it stand out and get over 10 million installs. It has 200 million users worldwide. Surprise your friends by sending fancy Emoji Keyboard. You can use 900+ Emoji art emotions.

TouchPal -Emoji Keyboard&Theme

It supports 85+ languages.

Swype Keyboard

Swype is also a trusted keyboard app, which has good experience and still make for the most accurate gesture keyboard available. It has 250+ million users and still growing. The company tells that it is registered with Guinness World Record – Fastest Time to Type a Text Message.

Swype Keyboard

You can customize options to your keyboard including long-press delay, keyboard height, mini left/right keyboards in landscape mode and vibration duration. Swype enables you to backup your personal dictionary to the cloud and synchronize it with any Android device with Swype on it. You will never lose the words that you add to your personal dictionary.

You can set gestures for quick everyday tasks such as:

  • Select All (Swype key to ‘A’)
  • Cut (Swype key to ‘X’)
  • Search (Swype key to ‘S’)
  • Copy (Swype key to ‘C’)
  • Paste (Swype key to ‘V’)

The premium version is about one or two dollar.

Fleksy Keyboard Trial

Fleksy is the most customizable, fun way to type. It may be the fastest keyboard in the world. Fleksy is free for 30 days. You have to buy after the trial period. Fleksy is the only keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs. You can customize your keyboard with colorful themes and powerful Extensions.

Fleksy Keyboard Trial

You can use Fleksy Extensions like: Android Launcher, GIFs, Editors, Number Row, Rainbow Key Pops, Keyboard Shortcuts and Invisible Keyboard.



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