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How to Get Android Oreo Features on an Older Phone?

Although Android Oreo has been officially launched now but still most of us are not going to get it on our smart phones anytime soon.

So those of you who can’t get Android Oreo features on­­ their phone must read the following article.

After reading this article you will know how you can get most of its features on your device without paying any money.

We are giving you a list of at least 10 most important Android Oreo’s features that you can get on your phone for absolutely free.

Snoozing Your Notification

One Android Oreo feature that I liked the most is its notification feature. Notifications are very important to me because I work online and can’t afford to miss any email or a message.

Android Oreo had this feature where you can snooze all your notifications for sometime later.

Now you can bring that feature on your phone with the help of apps like “Notif Log Notification History” and “Boomerang Notifications”.

  • These apps avoid notification clutter without missing out a single notification.
  • After installing, it will allow you to select what apps to snooze and what not to.
  • The app renders a floatie swapping Android notification bar with its own notification panel. On this panel you can swipe notifications.

Notification Dots

One more feature of Android Oreo regarding notification that you can get on your phone is Notification Dots.

With Google’s Pixel Launcher you can see dots on icons spreading across your phone’s home screen. Dotted-icons help you to glance apps that have notifications pending.

Expanded Home Screen Icon Menu

Continuing with the last point, you can just press and hold an icon on your home screen so that you can see any notification associated with it and get widgets related to the app.

You can get these two features by installing Action Launcher. It has both versions free as well as paid.

Smarter Wi-Fi Toggling

I am always online so Wi-Fi is very important to me. Oreo’s Wi-Fi Assistant will automatically connect you to Wi-Fi networks around you and secure the network.

Although getting this Oreo feature exactly as it is on your phone wouldn’t be possible but you can install Smart Wifi Toggler to get something close to it.

It remembers all your hotspots and automatically connects with a Wi-Fi whenever you are in a range of a known network.

You can say Smart Wifi Toggler is a knock off version.

Picture in Picture

Androids 8.0’s “Picture in Picture” feature allows shrinking of videos into a small floating window rather appearing on the top of other apps.

You can bring this feature onto your phone by installing an app called Floating Apps. This app available in both free as well as paid.

Free version comes with ads displaying in the tool used to create a new window (not in floating window). They are very annoying. But ads are not present in the paid version.

Moreover, paid version also gives you more floating windows to show maps, documents etc.

Floating App is quite good but not as good as Oreo’s Picture in Picture.

Customize Lock Screen Shortcuts

Time is money! Android’s Lock Screen Shortcuts saves a lot of time by helping you to access phone and other features directly.

With the help of Android Oreo you were able to customize various shortcuts in order to include at least 5 apps that can be accessed directly from the lock screen.

Now you can get this feature on your phone with the help of Next Lock Screen app.

Once you have installed the app on your phone, you need to grant permission so that it can take you to lock screen.

Now you need to swipe to bring “Pick Your Shortcuts” option, there you can choose up to 5 most favorite apps. Once it is done you can directly access these apps from the lock screen.

You also need to disable your own lock screen from the “Settings”.

Lock Screen Shortcuts helps you to save a lot of time.

Ambient Lock Screen Display

Most of the phones running Android do support Ambient Display if they are enabled explicitly.

You can enable it on your Android phone by going to Settings > Display > Ambient Display.

With Android Oreo you get ambient display along with colors and other more interactive options. You can bring this Oreo feature to your phone by using an app called AcDisplay.

This app gets you an alternative ambient display screen with a ton of settings.

However the drawback is that most of the apps supported are shown in grayscale only. Only few icons show up as colored.

Night Light Mode

Night Light Mode feature allows your phone to adjust itself for optimal nighttime reading.

This feature was introduced last year with the release of Android Nougat.

You can add this feature to your phone with the help of an app called Twilight.

Night Light mode is really essential for people who love to read before going to bed.

The app is free but the only problem is it requires some hardware level integration hence making it less available on other devices.

Gestures on Fingerprint Sensors

Android Oreo supports gestures on your fingerprint sensors.

Single tap, double tap and swipe allowed you to perform certain tasks on the Android Oreo phone.

You get the same feature on your phone by installing Fingerprint Gestures. With this app installed you can assign gestures to a wide variety of actions.

Lawnchair Launcher

Finally one useful feature that you can get on your phone is Lawnchair launcher. It is a Pixel launcher that helps you to get most of the Android Oreo’s features.

With Lawnchair Launcher installed on your phone you can enable some of the Android Oreo’s features.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Long Press empty space on the home screen and tap “Settings”
  • Now go to UI > Notification Badges and Preview > Allow Notification Access to the launcher.
  • Adaptive Icon > Pixel Style > Use Pixel Icons and enable it.

Getting Android Oreo

Some older versions of smart phones can be upgraded to work on Android Oreo. Alternatively you can also buy the latest phones with Android Oreo. The latest Google Pixel 2 series smart-phones feature the Android Oreo. Additionally, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and HTC U-11 Plus also work with Android Oreo. You can buy these great smart-phones anywhere in India, from a good retailer or online shop. However, buying these phones, especially Google Pixel 2 has online deals distinct benefits: You are assured of getting the latest version combined with discounted rates. We list some salient features of Android Oreo.



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