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Best Apps For Jogging

Now technology has become a good friend of ours, which keeps us informed about all the thing we do daily, fitness and health is one of those. In this techno world, andoird and iOS devices has made our life easy to maintain our health and lifestyle with some amazingly useful apps. These apps always track our health status and keep notify us regularly. In this article, we are mentioning some apps that track our fitness activity daily.



Basically the app uses, GPS navigation system to track fitness and sports activity like jogging, walking, running and cycling. The app analyzes all the work status by distance, elevation change, duration and calories burned. It is possible with your Smartphone’s built-in sensors that make it a great platform for a variety of running apps, which easily track your speed. You will find many tools to check all things. The mostly apps are free to use, just install and start using it. It will improve your running and walking in many ways. They contain some extra planning and motivational functions.

Runtastic Running & Fitness (Free)

Take your health and fitness to a new level with this fantastic app. Runtastic is a beautiful designed app for both iOS and android users. The app uses GPS function to track and map your distance, monitoring time, exercise, speed and plots your route in real-time. Your running and walking route can be viewed in 3D Google Earth style and the personal exercise diary keeps track of your running metrics. You will see a configurable dashboard with detailed graphs of your exercise information. You can share your progress report and training plans with your friends on famous social networks.


This app is rated 4.5+ by its quality. Reach your exercise goals and healthy lifestyle with the help of this app. Good navigation and optimization features included. You should become a part of a global fitness community of over 40 million registered users. You’ll get further exercise data analysis, comparisons and coaching with your friends. You can also Share location and receive messages for motivation.

runtastic 2

You can enjoy music with Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Pandora and potify directly within the Runtastic app, which is available on Android 4.4 only. You can control your Runtastic app with Android Wear.


The name of the app itself tells it’s working. You can map your running with this android and iOS app. This app is good for not only the joggers, but also works equally well for bike riders and walkers. The app contains lots of features to play with. You can track potential weight loss and nutrition. You can create a diary for daily activities, to see how your daily exercise routine is going on.

map my run

You can track your distance and time. You can plan your route and run. The social media network sharing function is available. You can easily share your progress with others to see on leader board, which is doing what. You should log over 600 different types of workouts which include running, walking, cycling, cross training, gym workouts, yoga and record GPS-based activities to view detailed stats. You can connect with 400+ devices to import and analyze all your data.

You can connect devices from Jawbone, Fitbit, Misfit, Withings and Garmin.

Nike+ Running

This app will help you as you start running. It uses sports equipment to monitor your progress rate; also on the other hand it uses your mobile to track your progress. You will find a pedometer to monitor distance and speed, which you traveled. You can show off your progress by sharing your data with others. You can also see the progress of others, who are using this app.

nike+ running

You can set goals and also set motivational songs to keep running and achieve your target. Whether you are on a treadmill or track, the Nike+ app accurately records your distance, pace and traveled time. It records a route map and an audio feedback.


You can find a free and a paid version for this app. This sports and fitness apps contains a good feature, by which you can see your all running progress and can compare it with your previous best running. You can take videos, audios and photos on your route to tag it.


Endomondo is a very social running app. You can create routes and challenge friends who live in your neighborhood. You can say it the only personal trainer, whom you’ll ever need fits right in your pocket. You should join over 25 million users. In the premium version you will get 10+ motivational features.


It is a sleek and smooth app with easy to use interface. It allows you to monitor your average progress rate. You get to use your GPS to time you’re running.Your distance will be set so that you have something to keep once you have finished your running. If you want to show off, you can involve your family and friends in your app so that they may see how much you are running.


Track your walks, runs, bike rides and training workouts using the GPS in your mobile. Many things matches with the above mentioned apps like pedometer, all activities, workouts, plans, yoga, goal setup and social sharing.



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