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Best External Hard Drive Recovery Service With Various Tools

The Primary intent of this blog is to guide you on how to perform an External hard Drive recovery. It talks about possible external hard drive failure reasons, its do’s & don’ts, and about a renowned Data Recovery Service provider. Read on to know more.

 In this fast-paced security landscape, Data plays a vital role and so does Data Recovery. With the advent of time, data loss factors have also evolved, and on an average, there are more data loss situations than before. Previously, data loss issues were mostly human errors or corrupt hardware, but with time, malware, cyber-attack, etc. have been added.

Data Recovery Awareness

To overcome protection against inaccessibility, loss, or damage and restore data, data recovery service experts plays a significant role. These professionals aid in safe and secure lost, deleted, or inaccessible data recovery from storage media. We all use several storage devices such as a laptop, PC, RAID Server, hard drives, etc. to save the data but none of these applications is immune to corrupt situations. A simple damage can make data inaccessible. Thereby, to fight back against this data loss scenario and restore data, data recovery services are a sure-shot solution.

What is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery is a process to recover lost, deleted or inaccessible data from damaged or corrupt storage media devices.

Best Data Storage Unit —External Drives

Usually, Data Stores are the storage houses for Data. Common examples are internal or external HDDs, removable drives, and optical media.  Among all these options, the best and most popular Data Store is external HDDs. The reason being, its simplicity and seamless operability.

With hands on this utility, you can easily migrate stored data from one device to another. Regardless of its make and model, these hard drives are highly useful. You can easily embed them in laptops, desktop PCs, CPU to store data.  Similar to regular hard drives, these are also considerably large and can store a significant amount of data such as multimedia files, folders, documents, etc.

External Hard Drives Are Also Not Protected Against Damage

External Hard Drives are also prone to damage. Hard Drive Failure can be due to dead USB ports, wrong file extension, driver issues, partition issues, etc.

External Hard Drive Failure: Its Causes

There could be a number of causes for this issue, such as driver issues in Windows, dead USB ports, partition issues on your external drive, wrong file system, etc. The worst case could be the dead drive itself.

Major Failure Causes

  • Dropping

Being portable is being capable of dropping while moving back and forth. So, when they fall, results in either hardware/software or both. As an outcome, ticking sound generates to indicate motor or read and write damage.

  • Knocking

Being mobile in nature, these are prone to damage. As a result,a buzzing sound is generated thatindicate hard drive spindle seizing.

  • Overheating

Simple when you use the device for prolonged duration, it gets overheated. When this situation arises, extreme damage occurs which eventually result in the peculiar sound generation or makes the drive identification by BIOS impossible.

  • Not Recognizing

Sometimes USB ports are dead, the partition is missing, and the file system gets corrupt. All these accounts for external hard drive unrecognition. In the worst scenario, the dead drive also results in such scenario.

Causes of Failure:

  1. Mechanical or Internal failure:
  • Occurs internally
  • Mechanical factors cause it


  • Grinding noise
  • Black Screen generation during system boot
  • Invisibility of Files and Folders
  • System Freezing


  • Bad blocks
  • Virus attack
  • Damaged PCB board
  • Immovable read/write head
  • Moving Parts Degradation
  • Spindle motor functioning stoppage
  1. Heat
  • Happens when the HDD is being used either in an extremely hot environment or improperly cooled computer system


  • System heats up
  • Fan stops or runs at a slow speed
  • Hardware generates a buzzing sound


  • Faulty state of CPU fan
  • Improper ventilation


  1. Files Corruption
  • Occursdue to corrupt or damagedsystem files


  • System becomes inaccessible
  • Unexpected shutdown


  • Power Surges
  • Unethical shutdown
  • Malicious applications usage
  • Running accidentalprogram closure


  1. Power Surges
  • Occurs due to electronic failure.


  • Startup failure unpredicted
  • Hard drive is not spinning
  • Hard Drive detection error by System BIOS


  • Disturbed power supply
  • Inadequate power supply delivery


  1. Firmware Faults
  • Occurs due to manufacturer faults
  • Found in brand new unit


  • hard disk becomes undetectable
  • System hang during booting
  • No booting


  • Manufacturer level faults


  1. Human Errors:
  • Happens due to activities that are performed accidentally such as faulty OS installation, absentminded deletion, System registry settings modification, system files location modification, etc.


Hard Drive Failure: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Say No to Drive Usage when you detect a failure
  • Make sure to handle HDD with extreme care to avoid wear and tear
  • Seek professional assistance immediately


  • Make sure to avoid dropping and knocking
  • Say No to self-assessment

Common Preventions to Avoid External Hard Drive Failure Scenario

  • Update system periodically
  • Make sure to switch off the system when not required
  • Make sure to run antivirus program
  • Make sure to use adequate power supply
  • Make sure peripherals and processors are working properly
  • Replace hard drive after every 3 to 4 years
  • Make sure to practice ethical shutdown method
  • Make sure to close all running programs prior system shut down
  • Make sure not to install faulty applications

External Hard Drive Recovery

What to Do in External Hard Drive Failure scenario?

Under hard drive damage situation, it is always advisable to go directly to your hard disk recovery. Hard Drive RecoveryServices is the best practice; it works perfectly in both logical and physical failure condition to avert data loss scenario.

However, if the reason for the hard drive failure is logical, you can also tryusing a softwarefor recovery;however, in the case of physical damage, it will not work at all. Thereby, it is always advisable to opt for hard drive Recovery Service.

Stellar Data Recovery Service— A Recommendation

If a recommendation is to be made, then Stellar Data Recovery Service is the first and foremost choice. Established in 1993, Stellar Data Recovery Service ensures to cater to all data recovery requirement with ease and reliability.  A competent squad of skilled and experienced professionals works in close harmony to ensure safe and secure external HDD recovery. The unique trait about them is they ensure complete end-to-end process recovery.

Why Trust Stellar Data Recovery Service Provider?

  • Class 100 Clean Room facility
  • State-of-the-art secure infrastructure
  • No Recovery, No Charge policy
  • Free doorstep pickup facility
  • Facilitates support for prominent OS, all hard drive interface, popular file systems
  • Facilitates service for SATA, ESATA, SAS, EDIE, SCSI, IDE, and many more hard drive interface
  • Facilitates Western Digital, Maxtor, Sony, HP, Hitachi, Toshiba, IBM, Samsung, Seagate, etc. hard disk recovery

The Bottom Line

You now know about the possible External hard drive failure issues, dos as well as don’ts to exercise during data loss scenarios. Also, in the case of a secure and reliable external HDD recovery, chooseStellar Data Recovery Services!


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