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Best Tips For Android Smartphone To Perform Faster

In this world of technology, a smartphone is not only needful to all of us, but it also became the status symbol. Each and every person is carrying at least one smartphone with them. Although technology has grown very much, there is a most common problem with the smartphones, that the working and performance goes slow, after using them gradually. The speed of smartphone goes down and it smart making Hang, which creates a headache to your working smoothly.

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Normally user installs some Apps to speed up smartphone working, but they make a little difference. We have some most important tips to resolve, such problems. After using these tips, your smartphone will run faster and smoother.

Tip 1

If your smartphone becomes slower than the newer one, then you must check for the applications, which are using more RAM and CPU usage. In spite of this, you should observe memory usage in RAM. When you find that App, you should remove or uninstall that App immediately. If the App is most useful to you, then you must search and install the Lightest Version of the App.

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Tip 2

If we talk about the latest version of Android operating system Marshmallow 6.0, then we will say that it already contains “Cleaner” app feature in it. But for the older versions of Android, you should install Memory Booster, AVG Cleaner, and Clean Master apps. All these apps are easily available on the Google Playstore. YOu can increase your smartphone speed with likely apps.

Tip 3

The main cause of smartphone slow performance may be, your internal memory storage is full with content. To resolve this issue, you must clear all your Cache Memory regularly. You should delete WhatsApp files to improve performance more.

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Tip 4

Android smartphone maker companies provide many in-built apps in the smartphone. But lots of people don’t use all of them, only a few apps are usable. If you don’t need any of the apps, then you must uninstall them or disable them. It will surely improve your smartphone speed.

Tip 5

In the recent time, most of the apps update live, and you get notifications of updates. After some time, smartphone is full of notification, which affects the smartphone working smoothness.

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To maintain or improve performance, you should turn off most of the app updates. To make notification OFF, you can go to your smartphone settings. Then Turn OFF sound and notification.

The above-mentioned tips will help you to work faster with your smartphone.

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