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Best Tools For Duplicate Files Search And Delete In Windows

Duplicate files takes more hard drive space in your computer and creates problem in managing them. You may face problem with working on them. You does not know that the file you are working on is duplicate or orignall. You must keep a single copy of your files and remove duplicates to increase productivity, speed up the computer. But you have to be a little careful when deleting duplicate files.  We have some most important files in our system so we must look at the detected files and remove them manually or this can harm your system data files. Here are some best applications that are doing this and they are free of cost.


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1. Duplicate Cleaner Free

This is one of the best tool that finds and remove duplicate files in your computer system easily. This is available in both free and paid version to you. It’s color-coding scheme is very useful to identify the duplicate pairs of files. It’s most useful tool that you can detect the duplicate images even if they are  resized, rotated or edited. It scans the text, audio, video, files very deeply.

Duplicate Finder (2)

It comes with a lot of options to help you in finding duplicates faster. There’s also available search filter feature that targets duplicate files that only include certain characters.

Duplicate Finder (3)

You can also search down by the mentioning size of the file in it. This is more helpful with small code files or log files that always seep through when searching for the big ones. In this application you can also find a search filter for dates so you can choose to search for files created/modified between specific dates of the file.

Duplicate Finder (4)

The tab next to Search is Scan Location. You can browse the specific folders or entire drives on the left pane. Drag those to the right or click the arrow button to send them in the Search panel over there. There are option to select the subfolders or to manually assign with a folder name. Click on the Scan now tab from the top toolbar.

Duplicate Finder (5)

Once the search is complete, the duplicate files will show up in the Duplicate Files panel and folders will be in Duplicate Folders panel. You can manually check duplicate files that you want to delete and press the File Removal button from the top.


2. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder really lives up to its name. After installing this just drag in the folder you want to scan and click the Scan button there. EDF’s working is very fast. It scanned a 15 GB folder in a couple of seconds.

Duplicate Finder

Once the scan is done, you can click the green Go Fix Them button there. You’ll see a detailed list of  duplicate files with copies already and check-marked. Manage Duplicates button helps you to choose either move them to a different folder, delete or can rename the files entirely.

Duplicate Finder (1)


3. Fast Duplicate File Finder

Fast Duplicate File Finder can scan duplicate and small files very fast from specific folder, in computer. You can uncheck some files manually later. In it’s new advanced Version it includes some additional features like “Browse for folders”.

This is one of the best interfaces i have seen that find’s duplicates and remove’s them. This contains a preview area where you can view or play (audio, text files etc.) files before deleting them. One more interesting advantage in this is you can search by similarities, so this program not only for detecting duplicates only, but also identify similar files.



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