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Beware Of Duplicate Smartphone When Buying Online & Offline

Duplicate-smartphone-2During festival season, all companies try to attract consumer to buy their smartphone. They provide many offers and discount to sell their products. Offline store offers less discount, but there is a flood of discounts on online stores. You will shock, when you came to know that you have been sold duplicate smartphone instead of original by giving you heavy discount. (Enhance your social media presence)

The duplicate smartphone were sold in some selected markets, but now lots of online stores are selling duplicate phones. These phone are mostly similar to the original mobiles, which is difficult for the users to find out. Don’t worry, we are mentioning some tips to find the difference between the original smartphone and duplicate.

Hardware Button: – Anyone can identify duplicate and original smartphone by observing the hardware button of the device. You have to carefully observe the button with the image that you have seen on the internet. Compare the style and position of the button with the device image on the company website.


Color & Size : – Please look at the color of the smartphone. Find out that, in which color the company has launched the smartphone. Is it the same color or the different one? First read about the size and style of the smartphone on companies official website. The color can be slightly different in the duplicate phone.


Logo : – Before purchasing a smartphone look at the logo of the company. You must match it with the companies original logo. Also observe the packing style, because company packing looks perfect and genuine. The duplicate phones have a low packing quality.

IMEI : – Ever smartphone has its own IMEI number. If you the smartphone is of Dual SIM, then it must have 2 IMEI numbers. You must match the IMEI of the packing box and the device. To get the device IMEI, just dial *#06#. If the outside and inside IMEI doesn’t match then, it is a duplicate smartphone.

Features & Functionality : – Do some home work about the smartphone features and functions. How many features, the company have launched with the device? Sometime duplicate smartphone offers extra features than the real smartphone to attract the customers. So make a comparison of the specification first.

Apps : – There are some application, which can provide all the information about the hardware of a smartphone. This can be helpful to identify the duplicate smartphone. This can help you in buying online and offline store.


Vendor’s Name & Rating : – Before buying online, please have a look at the seller’s profile, background and rating of their service. You must not buy from the vendor with a bad rating.

These are some simple tips that you must try when buying a smartphone.


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