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Blogging Ideas For When You’re Stuck, Tired And Can’t Write A Thing

We’ve all been there. That time when we have nothing to write about. All that’s left is us staring at a blank screen and asking ourselves various questions like: ‘What do I do now? What subject will I write about that is worth posting?’ In the writing circles, this is referred to as writer’s block or The Resistance.

Writer’s block ends up getting the best of us, and we end up with nothing to blog about. Every time you attempt to write something you sense that the little you manage to write is terrible. You begin to ask yourself: ‘What am I going to do to overcome this?’

Worry not. We have compiled a list of techniques that will assist you to conquer writer’s block and eventually come up with new blogging ideas.

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Write about a Subject That You’re Conversant With

You should try to write about a topic that you know well: one that naturally interests you instead of mostly relying on what’s trending. Chances are that you’re not knowledgeable enough about that particular trending topic.

For example, computing topics like cloud software are what most technology enthusiasts are eager to show that they’re up to date on. However, unless they’re industry leaders, they’ll almost certainly have difficulties in coming up with something original and enlightening.

We’re not saying that writing about current topics is bad. All we are implying is that you write on topics that fascinate you as an individual. If you’re not well conversant with a subject, it’s highly doubtful that you’ll have something more to add to what everyone is talking about.

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Talk to an Imaginary Pal

Constantly thinking about all your readers will make it more difficult for you to concentrate and write something. Forget about them for a while and come up with an imaginary friend. This new pal of yours friend is your greatest fan. He/she adores everything that you blog about and is your biggest supporter.

Give this friend a name. Come up with a drawing of a lookalike and put it somewhere near your desk or table. Begin a conversation with your newest friend. Compose a letter for him or her. Talk about your friend’s challenges and dreams. Strive to be the best friend.

Have an Ideas File

One of the most crucial things about inspiration is that it’s difficult to predict when it will come to you. You’ve heard stories about when most musicians get their inspiration. For example, you’ll find some saying that ideas come to them when asleep, and they immediately wake up and write them down before they evaporate. The case isn’t different with blog writing.

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Ideas might flow at a time when you least expect. A future topic might even come while blog writing. All you need to do is have in place a file; it can be a document that contains all your blog post ideas. The file should be somewhere accessible. Whenever an interesting idea pops into your head, write it down. In the end, when you can’t think of something to write about, just access your file and pick a topic of your choice.

Write At a Different Place

One of the best techniques for overcoming writer’s block is moving away from your workstation, whether a desk or table. Visit your local park, library or any other place that’s not your normal writing zone. Also, if you can, travel to another place or city. All in all, go somewhere else. Take your tablet or laptop and write whatever comes to your mind.

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Talk to Your Audience

You can get many blog post ideas by going through the comments section of your previous blog posts, checking your Twitter replies, and even paying attention when people talk.

What are people excited about? What kinds of questions are being asked? It’s good to ask your audience to tell you what they would like to read more about. It may sound easy, but surprisingly few people do this. If you’ve never done this, then it’s high time that you consider it.

Stop Planning Your Posts

Without a doubt, coming up with a post outline will speed up the writing process. However, it can also make writing less fun. Whenever you’re bored with a certain piece, stop planning. Go ahead and write anything that crosses your mind. It may all not make sense at first, but you’ll eventually stumble upon a valuable idea that you can use to write a post.

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Blogging is not an easy task. There are several difficulties that bloggers encounter when they want to write a particular post. Writer’s block is one of them and this happens more often than many bloggers would want to admit. However, the methods mentioned above will help you overcome this.

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