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Choose The Right Hard Drive For Your Data Backup Needs

Summary:  This Blog guides you with hard drive selection for data backup. With hands on this Blog, you will be able to choose the right hard drive for your data backup needs. Further, it also talks about one of the best Data Recovery Service provider for Hard Drive Data Recovery in the case of Data Loss situations. 

The current era of computing world runs on Information. We all have valuable data stashed on our PC, Laptop, or Mobile devices, regardless of whether we are Home users or Professional users. Some users’ saves music, photos, & videos, and some store documents, files, presentations, spreadsheets, etc. Therefore, its handling, as well as management, is critical. Therefore, the best idea for management is a Backup.

Inevitably, backing up the system is a sure-shot solution;however, the principal thing to take into account is best storage device selection. A device, that not only helps in holding the data but also aids in its distribution.

Therefore, if you are also looking forward to a physical storage device to back up the files, then, this comprehensive guide is the solution for you too. Read on to know more –

Some issues to take into Account Prior to Making the Selection

  • Will it work best for your needs?
  • What matters can be resolved using it?
  • How much space is required?
  • How often are files backup?
  • Is it compatible with your device?
  • What is the physical size of the drive?
  • Is it safe and easy-to-use?

Features to Consider for Gauging to choose the right hard drive for your data backup needs

  • Storage Capacity
  • One of the most essential vector
  • Tells how much a device can accommodate
  • Usually, measure in gigabytes

You must select a storage device based on the space required. For example, if you want to save the videos, I TB or 2 TB are good. Further, if you want to store Word Documents or Emails, a smaller one is a good choice.

Here, the simple philosophy behind selection is based on the following equation:

  • Smaller file type= smaller capacity device
  • Greater file type=bigger capacity device.

  • Transfer Speed

Both Online and Offline Backup are widely in use.  With Online, the prime concern is that it takes too long for storing audio, videos, or photos. Thereby, here the best alternative is Offline i.e. External Devices.  All those who use to backup almost every other week it is an excellent option.

To backup large files such as videos, a device with faster speed is the ideal choice. To caterit, a USB 3.0 interface hard drive is a better substitute in comparison to a USB 2.0 interface. Though a good option yet in this case, its speed is almost 10 times slower than the counterpart.

Other options can be eSATA and FireWire. However, these are little costly in contrast to USB 3.0 interface hard drive.

Note: Not each external hard drive works perfectly with all PCs.  Old model might demand USB 1.0 or 2.0 despite USB 3.0.

  • Portability

Another important factor to consider. Some external storage units are similar to ones used in laptops. You can easily carry them along with you. If you want to carry it along with you, buying the smaller one that you can keep in backpack, handbag, or briefcase is perfect. These devices cost bit higher in comparison to one that we leave at home. Adding more, if you have to transport your device quite often, enhanced data protection is another key trait to consider. It aids in avoiding the risk of failure.

  • Safety

A major point of consideration. Encryption is the best practice. Always select a hardware-based encrypted device.  It is an important paramount factor specifically for portable mobile drive users.  This feature prevents loss and theft scenarios.

  • Compatibility

Always ensure which system you are purchasing it for. The reason being, not all the devices are compatible with both the Systems. For instance, if you have a Mac specific hard drive, you have to limit its use to Mac only,

  • Ease of use, Durability and Reliability

Perhaps the least taken into account but certainly, the most crucial factor. One must ensure its warranty period; an ideal warranty should be at least four years under heavy use circumstance.

  • Network Attached Storage

Those who wants to backup multiple systems, NAS or Network Attached Storage devices are the perfect option for them. These devices vary in sizes. Its single drive units are an ideal choice for media storage. Usually, most NAS devices include USB Ports for adding extra storage.

Indeed, the backup Hard Drive selected on these parameters are protected against data loss, damage, formatted, corruption, or inaccessibility; however, there are circumstances where these devices are also prone to damage.

The question then arises as to what can be done in such scenarios? How can we restore the data?

Alternative Solution—Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services largely caters to physical damages. Therefore, whether you have lost your data due to an accidental device dropping or a power surge, it is a perfect option.

Note: Always search for a reputed service provider who has years of industry experience.

With this in mind, Stellar Data Recovery Service  Provider becomes the first and foremost choice. Let’s look at why –

Stellar Data Recovery Service Provider Key Specifications

  • ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Biometric Controlled Infrastructure
  • Advanced Data Encryption Techniques
  • Class 100 Clean Room Recovery Lab
  • No Recovery, No Charge Policy
  • Free Doorstep Pickup

The Bottom Line:

Now, you must be aware of the identification vectors that you must consider while choosing the right hard drive for your Data Backup needs. With hands on above-stated factors, you can easily find the right drive as per your needs in an effortless manner. Stellar have been providing data recovery services since 1993. And with the several branches across the India they started to offer their data recovery services in Jaipur. The company recovers data for both individual and corporate.


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