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Create A Mobile App For Your Website Or Social Network

Developing a mobile app used to be a daunting process. You needed a good programmer and some amazing design skills ( Best Free Mobile Browsers ) to put together an app. You also needed a lot of money, and the resources to host and maintain the app you created. In most cases, this high bar would not be worth the effort. Well, now that has all changed.

AppMerge, the “App Making App”, is an online SAAS (software as a service) system. The app building software, which runs in your browser, was designed to make app creation easy, affordable, and accessible to anyone who wants to put their website or social network on the mobile device. There is even a free version available, which breaks down the barrier for most small business such as a blogger or YouTuber.


So why would a blogger or YouTube content creator need a mobile app? Well for starters it is estimated that now over 60% of all internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. If you have a blog you need to have your app icon on that valuable home screen of your users mobile device so they will be more inclined to visit you when they are not home at their desktop computer. Sure they can open their mobile browser and navigate to your website, but that takes more effort. Having an app icon installed on their smartphone not only gives your brand that home screen real-estate, but now you have the ability to send a push message to the user, alerting them about your newly posted content and this increases user participation. A website alone can’t do that.  With push messaging you can also target this message to a specific location using the geo location data, a mobile app provides you.




In the case of a YouTube content creator or YouTuber as they are now commonly referred to, a mobile app specific to your YouTube channel offers many benefits too. Youtube is a massive with over a billion users worldwide and has become a business in itself for many content creators. With such a massive amount of content, it is hugely beneficial to a popular YouTube channel content creator to have their own app. This will create more interaction with your users, for the same reasons we explained above in the case of a blogger. With YouTube being so massive, it is more lucrative for a YouTube channel to have their own app, rather than making the user go to the YouTube app and navigating to your channel. Chances are when they open YouTube they will get sidetracked into some other channel and overlook your content completely.

By creating your mobile app AppMerge, you can add your YouTube channel, and add your other social networks as well. For example, you probably have a twitter account, a Facebook account, and another video network account such as Vimeo. All this content is easily bundled together with the AppMerge app creation system and focuses the user on the content you want them to see. The best part is when you update your social networks, your app created with AppMerge is automatically updated, taking the maintenance work completely out of the picture and you can focus on what you do best, creating great content.

Submitted By : – Scott Friedman

A pioneer in the world of electronic commerce, Scott had an early start working on Internet-based software products and specifically SAAS systems (software as a service). With his knowledge of business processes and a broad vision, Scott saw huge potential for amazing things to come with the growth of the Internet.


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