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How To Determine If A Site Is Safe Before Paying Online

Online shopping is the latest shopping trend and every year there is a huge increase in the number of online shoppers. When you shop online, you always have to enter details of your credit/debit card or bank account to make payments online, but is it safe to enter such details?

There are various ways which helps you to determine if a site is safe before paying online. I know you do not want to disclose your payment details to some portal which is not safe or may be vulnerable.

Not just your payment details but also your personal data is worth millions to cyber criminals. So it is always good that you should check the following before making payment online.

1) Brand Vs Unkown:

It is always highly recommended that when you want to buy something online, always go for brands. Not just because they are popular, but because they invest a lot in security of their online portals.

Where unknown or newly developing sites do not care much about security and always falls in the hands of cyber criminals. for example, this brand uses https and offers the safest payment methods such as PayPal to its users to make their transactions highly secured. Also, the use of such payment methods makes it possible to make payments online without providing sensitive details.

2) Check the SSL Certificate:

It is really easy for you to determine if a site is safe before paying online is by just checking the SSL certificate. If a site is using https instead of http that means the site is secure because HTTPS means (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure). To get the SSL certificate, every company has to go through a validation process.

There are various types of SSL certificates, some are easy to get and some require extended validation. You can read about them from SSL certificate guide.

3) Trusted Site Seal:

There are various brands which uses the trusted seals to show that the sites are secure. It is a really good way to find out the legal identity of the brand or the site. Site with trust seal are always mark as the secured sites to make online transactions.

4) Padlock:

You may have seen the lock sign in the address bar when visiting some popular sites. This lock sign is known as padlock. Padlock is also security identification for users to easily find out if the site is secure or not.

For example: if you go to, you will see green bar, padlock and https also, that means the site is secure.

So, you see these are the really easy ways to determine is a site is safe before paying online for any service or product. When you go to buy from any online site, you should check for these to find out if the site is secure or not.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me.


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One thought on “How To Determine If A Site Is Safe Before Paying Online

  • January 20, 2017 at 6:06 am

    These days online shopping is the trend, So I like your tips about how to stay safe and determine if site is secure before making payments online. It is good to keep details out of the reach of hackers.

    Thanks for sharing.


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