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Discover The New Google Lollipop Messenger App For Android

There are a lot of ways to send and manage your SMS messages, on Android mobile. You can find independent apps, like Google’s Hangouts and Chomp SMS, and in the app market, fresh in the Play Store is a new Messenger app. It is an upgrade on Google’s native SMS tool that was the default option before Hangouts got SMS capabilities. It gives android SMS a new look and advance features. Google has made a decent SMS app. Google has published it on Play Store for Android user version 4.1 and higher. Stay in touch with family and friends.

You can send and receive MMS messages to any mobile. You can also send group texts, your favorite pictures, audio and videos messages. As you start using it you can find more interesting and useful features. To take advantage of most of these features, you must need to set this Messenger as your default SMS app. When you start it up, go to settings and turn this on.

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If you’re fan of using Hangouts, to send and receive an SMS then don’t worry you will love this too, and if you doesn’t like Hangouts then it should be great fun for you while trying Messenger app.



Working and Features:-

Just go to Google Play Store, find Messenger app. Install it, and launch the app. As you open it for the first time it will automatically funnel in your SMS database, but it won’t make itself the default app straight away. You have to set it as default. Click on the menu button there, choose Settings option and then click on Set as your default SMS app, to make it default. Click through the confirmation dialog appeared and you are ready to go.

All the mostly used SMS options are available on the Messenger settings page, like read receipts, including notifications and MMS handling. This new app itself is fully fitted out with Google’s new Material Design look. Its colors of your conversations are based on the contact image associated with it. You can Swipe left or right to archive a conversation. Just Tap and Hold to mute, archive or delete a conversation.

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If you want to explore the individual details when viewing threads, you can click on its contact picture. Tap and hold on a single message to delete, copy and forward it. When you’re creating a new SMS you can tap on the paperclip icon to add a video clip, image or voice recording to your message.



This new Messenger app brings a colorful and shiny new interface to your messages, and also by its advanced features like search, archiving and faster sharing.

google messenger

Main Features:-

You can block individual SMS senders, so that no one can interrupt when you don’t want them.

You can also set contact-specific ringtones from the message thread. Its easy to use.

Sharing feature is also very fast. You can select and take the videos and pictures directly from the app and share them easily.

You can send audio messages to your contact persons.

Make your search fast and easy. Search through contacts and conversation threads to find exactly what you are looking for.

Use the new design of Messaging.



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