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Document Printing Security And Protection Against Document Theft

Document theft has been the burning issue in most of the private and government organizations. This is the issue that cannot be tackled by increasing the physical security levels at entry and exit points as there are many other ways of hacking or grabbing the vital enterprise data. ( How To Secure Your Android Devices? ) The actions that are mainly involved in this data security breach are associated to unauthorized document printing and downloading. The impact of such security breach would be harsh and long-lasting if not addressed well. The computer security experts around the world have found document printing as one of the major security flaws in the enterprise.

What makes document theft a big concern for the organizations?

The documents in the organization can be legal, contractual, and even informational. These documents can help the organizations flourish and when these documents fall into the wrong hands then they have the capability of ruining the business altogether. These documents are Intellectual Property (IP) of the organization and may hold substantial business importance. Document theft may therefore cause the major concern among the companies falling in different sectors.

Possible forms of document theft

Possible forms and ways of document theft have changed over years. The hi-tech processes and latest gadgets have made documents and data highly vulnerable. The possible channels of document theft are;

  1. Emails and Shared Networks – Important documents can be sent out of organization through networking and emails. This can be checked well by filtering the emails or limiting the document sharing to certain networks only. It is possible through Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) that checks the unauthorized sharing of the documents on different networks.
  2. Unlawful Downloads – Downloading the crucial data or documents on the removable drives would let the user share it or use it for unlawful purposes.This method of document theft is prevalent over years and even the employees working with organization may undertake such malpractices. Enterprise DRM would restrict such unauthorized downloads and allow only the authorized IP addresses to undertake such downloads.
  3. Document Printing –Generally whenever one thinks about the data security in enterprise, the few things that get due consideration are firewalls, encryption, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), and authentication. Very few organizations take a note of document printing security. The laws and regulations may restrict the downloading, sharing, and storage devices but hardly any regulations are laid on document printing or the printer hard drive storage. You can enhance the document printing security by;
  • Incorporating security measures for document printer.
  • Establishing secured enterprise network that also includes the printer.
  • Opting for fully secure Enterprise DRM that not just controls the document transfer internally through network servers and internet but would also restrict the printing of the document while keeping the check on printer hard drives.
  • Set up an additional filter by adding the expiry to every document post which the document won’t stay on any of the external drives or would be available for viewing.

The above few and many other document security threats may be addresses strategically in order to keep the Intellectual Property of the organization in place without interfering into its regular functioning.


This infographic explains the various features and factors an enterprise or an organization should look for while choosing PDF DRM software.


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