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Have You Ever Used These 6 Google Drive Hidden Features

We are describing the hidden/uncommon features of Google Drive, that you must use.

  1. Search Drive From Gmail Directly

Gmail is a most popular email messaging service today. If you are habitual to spend a lot of time with Gmail, then this service can help you a lot. You can directly search the Drive files from Gmail. Go to Gmail Settings, then find the Labs Tab, Scroll down until you see the “App Search” option, now enable it. Now when you search the Gmail for any file, you will see the Drive files in the search result.

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  1. Convert Files To Docs Format

There are a lot of file formats in the world for our use, and we can upload them to Google Drive by simply drag and drop. But what about working with them after uploading them to Drive? Google Drive can open only a few files formats to work with. Like Sheets, Slides and Docs format. To open other file formats, just right-click on the selected file, and click “open with”. A new submenu will appear, that includes Google Drive Viewer. It doesn’t convert anything, it only creates a copy of the document in the new format.

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  1. Draw Anything

If you want to draw anything in a document, then you can use Insert in the menu option. You can use it Sheets, Docs, and Slides and select drawing. You will get a scaled-back version of the drawing app, makes it a breeze to include your art.

  1. Full Screen Mode

Full-screen mode in any browser can be typically set. Hiding all the toolbar and menus is a beautiful option. You can work freely, without any distraction. You can ON full-screen mode by just pressing the F11 key, on your keyboard, press again F11 to get out of the full-screen mode.

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  1. Insert Styles

You can make styles for the text headings in Docs and sheets. You can access Styles from format menu in your toolbar. You can pick an option from the Insert menu and can insert a table of contents.

  1. Voice Type

The best feature in Docs in my way is, The Feature of Voice Recording. If you are not perfect in typing any language, then you can type your matter with Voice Recording. Google supports many languages for recording. Have fun with recordings.

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Please make use of the above-mentioned features and tools.

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