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Facebook Algorithm 2015: How the Changes May Affect You

Facebook (2)Social media no doubt plays a central role in today’s world of marketing. Still recently there are talks that marketing through Facebook is not offering the same zeal as before. Is it true? Is the marketing through Facebook indeed dead? Not yet folks. It is still in the forefront of digital marketing. How To Enhance Your Social Media Presence?
It is quite certain though that the 2015 update of the Facebook algorithm (made in January) has really forced the digital marketers to change their approach and adopt some new strategies to promote brands through Facebook. But, still there is enough values left to consider Facebook for promoting brands.

Although, Facebook still offers huge potential in reaching to thousands of audience, now the challenge is to make sure that content from your Facebook business page actually appears in the news feeds of your fans. Facebook 360-degree videos fun.

Why Facebook algorithm has been changed?
Some time back a survey has been conducted by Facebook where they asked the users about possible improvements. Many of the users stressed and complained of the fact that their News-feed is getting filled with too much of promotional content.
The recent changes in Facebook algorithm that has been in implemented from January 2015 is the response to these complaints. The main focus of this update was to show the viewers more content of their choice rather than things they do not want to see.
Now the question is what this change means to you. With the recent updates there are three types of content that will have a lesser probability to appear in any news feed.

Facebook (3)

These are:-
• Posts that have only the purpose of pushing people towards buying any product or installing any app.

• Posts pushing people to enter into any kind of promotions or sweepstakes without having any real context.

• Posts that are reusing the exact similar contents from ads
Now what should be the strategies for businesses to get the best possible exposure through news feed on Facebook. Here are some useful steps that may still help in boosting your exposure on Facebook Marketing Courses after its algorithm changes.

• Try to post the videos directly on Facebook as it is favoring the videos that are using the newly launched Facebook video player over any other videos hosted on third party sources such as Instagram or YouTube.

• Now it is better to move your fans towards your newsletter to share your offers with them as direct promotion of your products or services is no longer possible. So, try to build your fan base for your newsletter on Facebook.

• Try to post tried as well as true contents on Facebook. First test the response to that post on other social media platforms and assess which content is doing better and then only share the best of the best content on the Facebook page. This way only you have any genuine chance of getting them on the news feed.

• Carefully review the Facebook Insights and understand the types of content are getting the best responses. Now make your future posts based on this assessment. Always keep in mind that Facebook will favor contents that do not plainly look like a business type, but one that the users want to see.

• Take the help of Facebook ads to make sure that the promotional contents really get the exposure. This is very important as there is a sharp decline in the organic distribution of the Facebook news feed and boosting your posts through Facebook advertisement is the only way to uphold the similar engagement level. Another aspect is that you cannot use the same ad again and again as Facebook will penalize you. So, make some innovative tweaks to your older one before reusing it.

• Keep a sharp eye on what is trending at the moment in different social media platforms and media as ranking of these topics will always be high on Facebook and will also have higher relevancy to the viewers. Users cannot usually resist themselves from sharing trending new stories.

• Always try to engage as much as possible with your own content and also encourage your team to do so. Leave meaningful comments on your own posts and let others make replies and then like their responses. Encourage your team to do the same. Make friends with others and try to exchange sharing each others content.

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Thus, the change in the Facebook algorithm has to be dealt with changing your way of handling contents and giving your fans the best experience of Facebook as far possible. After all, it is based on the votes given by the Facebook users and now they are receiving less of unwanted content and more of content they like.

Now, it is up to you to be smart in business and listen to your audience and come up with relevant posts that they like to see in their Facebook news feed.

Article By : Olivia Kane

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