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How To Find A Good Freelance Writer For Your Blog

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  • How to find a good writer for your blog

1.1. Search inside the company

1.2. Find freelancers with relevant experience

1.3. Search on the social media

1.4. Go through different blogs when looking for suitable candidates

1.5. Do not forget about forums and communities

1.6. Check out freelance sites

1.7. Find talents in your comments

The fact that so many bloggers hire freelancers to do their job for them is no longer surprising. It is simply impossible to cope with all the responsibilities on your own. So, getting a highly-qualified freelance writer seems like an excellent solution.

However, there is a tiny problem: how do you find a really good freelancer to work for you? These days so many people claim to be fantastic writers while in reality all they do is create mediocre articles for unknown resources. You definitely do not want one of such “experts” to come and help you.

So, how do you identify a good writer?

In this article, we will introduce you to the basic knowledge and the answer to this question. Therefore, if you are looking for a comprehensive answer, read on and learn from our experience.

How to find an excellent writer for your blog?

  • Search inside the company.

If you are looking for someone to write your company’s blog, then it is better to find a candidate among the employees. This person already knows everything about the product, or at least knows more than those who will come from outside the company. It will take less time to find such person, so your blog will not be left unattended for a long time, and also, such people are more likely to be motivated to compose really good pieces because they like the place they work at unlike those who are entirely indifferent to it. So, your first step should be looking inside the firm.

  • Find freelancers with relevant experience.

Do not just look for someone with a writing talent, but rather focus on the search for a person who has experience in this area. The thing is that style is something you can always work on and adjust while it might take ages to help a person truly dive into the knowledge base, especially if it is a rapidly-growing market with various trends. So, when searching for a perfect candidate for the position, ask them to send you examples of articles written for a company from the same or at least a neighboring niche.

  • Search on the social media.

It is amazing how people these days use social media not only to communicate and build connections but also to find jobs. Thus, for instance, you can easily look through the Twitter bios to see what profiles match your request. Alternatively, you can get a Facebook ad which will target the specific audience. And finally, there is always a great number of amazing candidates on LinkedIn. So, why not search there? In fact, on LinkedIn you can even see whether they have recommendations and job experience.

  • Go through different blogs when looking for suitable candidate

Another idea is to go through already existing blogs to see whether any of the writers are willing to write for you too. The common mistake that a lot of people make when searching for a good candidate is that they pay attention only to the first two pages of search results while they really should be going deeper into the results to find great writers that they can really afford hiring.

  • Do not forget about forums and communities.

Consider checking out forums and communities that focus on your blog’s main idea. You might find a lot of great writers there. Go through the profiles of those who start the topics as well as those actively engaging in discussions in the comments. You will be surprised to see many talented writers in one place sharing their experience and discussing important things. Once you find posts and comments you actually like, you can build relationships with those people and later, as you get to know them better, ask if they are interested in composing quality guest posts for you. Not only you might find a great content creator but also end up establishing great new connections.

  • Check out freelance sites.

There are so many freelance sites today and the good news is that you can find people to collaborate with you there. For instance, you might find not only an excellent writer with a huge experience but also an online paper proofreader, a SEO specialist, and a marketer ready to create a fantastic campaign for you. So, go to one of the websites like Upwork or Toptal and start searching.

  • Find talents in your comments.

One of the best ways to find good writers is by looking for people in the comments to your blog posts. Very often, fellow writers share their insights about the things you cover in your posts. So, by simply quoting them and sending them an email, you can find a good writer for your blog without even searching for them too hard.

It really is true that good writers are a rare treasure but with our simple tips, you can find them in less than no time! Worry no more and get the best freelancers to write for you right now.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a web content writer and blogger. My writing, I use as a tool to further the education of others.


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