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Free Mobile Web Browsers By Best Design And Performance

Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device to surf the internet. You will have good experience while browsing the web, if you choose the right web browser, with nice feature and performance. There may be some difficulty, when selecting the correct web browser, because most of them have a variety of focuses and features. Some of them focus on speed, others on features, and many try to do both of services. The entire web browser, we have mentioned, are supposed the best in the android market. So which one to choose?





1Baidu Browser

[Price: Free]
First choice is Baidu browser. In this browser, you can use tabs at the top. Baidu provides fast, easy and safe browsing experience on the internet. You can use Recommendation, Discovery and My Favorites on 3 different screens. You have to make a single tap or swipe to browse with news, funny videos and many more interesting. By using Baidu browser you will feel safe from malicious websites. It ensures you that, you have a secure, fast browsing with downloading. There are a lots of tool to make your browsing interesting.


With T5 engine, Baidu speeds up web page opening. Get a quick access to news, videos, pictures and more fun. It will warn you, when you try to open a risky website. You can add favorite websites to make a quick access. It also supports multiple search engines for fast searching. Download your favorite songs, videos at a mega fast speed. There is a option to play videos while browsing. Night mode is a good feature, to protect your eyes at night time. You can make a favorite image as custom skin. The Gesture mode is also nice, one finger slid zooming applicable. Back and forward navigation are easy to use.

You can catch latest hot news content, a big video collection, daily weather reports, fun pictures (celebrity, women, animation and comedy) as per your interest.

Firefox 1Firefox

[Price: Free]
Firefox web browser is one of the most popular browsers on desktops and android, continuously most used by a long time. It doesn’t have any special tool, but it does provide a very satisfying web browsing result. It allows you to sync to your desktop version of Firefox to obtain add-ons and your bookmarks. You can even sync, all your preferences and data, including bookmarks, history, passwords, add-ons and open tabs. Firefox provides support for Flash for those with Flash installed on their android device. You can block ads, and can place a Quit button on the main menu. If you do not want to track by anybody, just turn on Private Browsing.


To activate Reader Mode, click on the little ‘book’ icon in the URL bar and enjoy the clean view of the text. Firefox is a great browser, feature-rich that offers a brilliant experience to surf with Google. It is the most customizable browser yet. Surf the web with a blazing speed.

You can customize Home panel however you like. Add web content and access your favorite feed anytime. You can select over 59 languages, according to your convenience from the setting option. It has mobile video support for a wide range of video format. Keep your browsing private and safe.

OperaMini-LogoOpera Mini

Opera Mini is a small but good browser. It can run in all types of android devices. You can connect up your bookmarks, settings and so on from other devices using Opera Link. Opera Mini is more about being fast and efficient for those on poor connections. In lower-end devices, you can choose whether to load images or not. You can choose single column view.

Opera Mini

It saves your data by data-compression technology. When you load some webpage, that includes lots of graphics and images, then it compress data to open page very fast. It saves 90% data than other browsers. Opera Mini uses nice layout with bigger button, so anyone can use it easily.

It is one of the world’s fastest android browsers. It’s secure, free and customizable for all your browsing. Over 250 million people worldwide love to use the Opera Mini web browser. The speed dial option it very quick. Set your favorite webpages to your home screen for fast browsing. You can switch between tabs for multi tasking. It can run on almost companies Sony, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, Gionee, Micromax, Karbon and MTS.

UC-Browser 1UC Browser

[Price: Free]
UC Browser is known for its dependability and speed. The browser uses high-end compression technology rendered by a server to provide faster browsing. So it make a less data usage. You will feel amazed when using UC browser, it delivers high-performance with amazing visuals and navigation and also with smooth animation capabilities.


It’s goes through several updates and never disappoints its users. UC Browser support simultaneous downloads. The download manager keeps the files clean and well organized. Auto pager loads multiple pages at once. Speed mode helps to browse faster. You can control videos by Gesture. Night mode also available.

Enjoy excellent Searching, Downloading, Browsing, Gaming, Shopping and Social Sharing experience at the fastest speeds with UC.

Dolphin 1

Dolphin Browser

[Price: Free]
Dolphin Browser is another popular browser that has fast browsing, gesture, sonar and add-ons. By Sonar, Dolphin will use your voice to search the internet. Its like Google Voice Search, this make it unique working. It has also speed dial bookmarking and tabbed browsing options like Opera Mini.


It can switch to Reader Mode like Firefox. One tap sharing is nice, grab and share on Facebook and Twitter.



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