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What Goes Into Creating The Software You Use Every Day

These days, we use software so much that it’s easy to take it for granted. We open up our computers, smartphones and tablets each morning, and start engaging with the various forms of software stored on them. But what goes into creating the things we take for granted? Whether it’s the software you use to work and earn a living or the game you play when you want to kill some time, there’s a lot of work that has to go into making them. Here are some of the most important stages of all.

Immense Planning

Planning is perhaps the most important stage of all when it comes to developing software. It’s impossible to just jump in and expect things to start working for you instantly. That’s not how it goes when you develop software. Instead, it’s essential to create detailed plans. These refer to the overall intentions of the software. What should it do? How should users feel when they interact with it? And why is it better than other software on the market? After that comes the technical planning stage. This is where frameworks for the software can be planned out, and some coding ideas can be put forward.


When the above part of the process has been carried out, coding can start. Coding is another key part of the process because this where all the important work starts to get done. A team of talented coders with the right skills and expertise will start to write the code. This won’t be set in stone. There are usually many revisions and rewrites. In many instances, writing code is a trial and error practice. You often don’t know how the code will play out in practice until you give it a trial run, and then tweaks and change can be made to it in order to improve it.


The testing process is when the software can be analyzed. During this stage, it won’t be perfect. And it won’t yet be ready to hand to the public. Instead, it has to be picked apart, and every fault should be highlighted. This is important because it allows the software to be scrutinized closely. It’s much better for software developers to find problems in the software than for end users to. QASymphony’s list of software testing tools should give you an idea of what kind of tools are used to carry out the relevant tests.

Maintenance and Improvements

When the testing stage has been completed, the software should be ready for release. But that’s not where the work ends. As anyone who uses software should know, developers are constantly working on improvements. These come to users in the form of updates and patches. Sometimes, the address particular concerns and bugs that were not picked up during the testing stage. And sometimes they respond to feedback provided by users. But the ultimate aim is to keep making the software better for users. These updates often offer users enhances safety features, and that’s often why they’re so important.


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