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Google Hidden Services And Products You Must Try : Part 1

Can you find someone, who uses internet and don’t know about Google? Most of us know Google as a most popular search engine, which can find anything available on internet. Google is one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. It is world’s largest search engine and also email network today, by its Gmail service.

Google Drive, Gmail and Google Forms are all the main products by Google, which we are familiar with. But, the company has a bunch of other services and products, which are incredibly useful that you might not even know existed. But, did you know that you can set reminder, timer, explore the search about universe, meaning of a symbol by drawing and many more useful tools and features? They’ve created a huge number of products and services that make all of our lives easier, other than their famous web search engine. You can find such cool tricks and services on your fingertips.


Google Keep


Google Keep is a cool notes and reminder app, which works across both smartphones and desktops. You can add to-d list, reminders and notes with the help of this app. You can also share your notes with others or can set as reminder. Organize your schedule, write important things and use geo tagging service with this. You can change the color of personalized reminders.

Google Timer


Google Timer is a simple tool, which helps to keep track of time spent on your particular tasks. With the help of this Google service, you can set a timer on Google, and you will get an alarm to sound when time is up. You have no need to install any timer app on your smartphone. You can see, how much work you have done, within a particular time period. It shows your work efficiency without waste of time. You can set your desired timer to make an alarm. Isn’t this useful? Just type Google Timer in search bar.


Google Sky


This service of Google, allows you to view celestial objects, galaxies, stars, planets, constellations and the Earth’s moon. It lets you to explore the far reaches of the universe using images from NASA satellite, the Hubble Telescope and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. You can explore space without leaving your bed. You can enjoy the galaxy from your home with Google.

Translate Manual


Google gives its users a “Manual” feature in Google Translate, which lets you to draw symbols and characters. You can search the meaning of the symbol or character, you have figure out. This will help you, while traveling to foreign countries using logo graphic languages like Chinese. The powerful Google Input Tools lets you type in over 80 different languages without having to download a special keyboard.

Google Font


Find all gorgeous fonts that you want to use for free to decorate your writings. Google provides you hundreds of free and open-source fonts optimized for the web. These fonts are originally designed to use on your websites. Google Fonts have partnered with to provide desktop versions without any charge. You can customize them by thickness, slant and width.


Google Scholar


Google Scholar service provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature over the world. You can search across many disciplines and sources like theses, articles, books, court opinions and abstracts from academic publishers, online repositories, professional societies, universities and other web sites related to this. This also helps users to find relevant work across the world of scholarly research. It makes incredibly easy to search for information in professional papers and journals. Google Scholar does not provide access to academic journals. You can locate the complete document through your library or on the web.


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