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Great Android-Powered Devices For College Freshmen

Android Devices (1)Google’s Android is often wrongly perceived as an OS which is only for tablets and smartphones. The truth is actually quite different: since its open source, it spread fast among product designers and app developers. Thanks to its flexibility, that trend continues to grow stronger. So what are some cool gadgets and devices – something for, let’s say, college students? Take a look at our favorites.

Gaming consoles

Android Devices (2)

Android-powered gaming consoles proved to be quite a hit among the college population in recent years, most notably Wikipad, Ouya, and PlayMG. Ouya offers a great number of free-to-play games: it’s a handheld device for TV gaming. Play MG is a handheld gadget with a four inch screen, practical to carry around in a backpack and play a few games between lectures. Powered by a quad core Nvidia Tegra, WikiPad features a detachable controller, which has D-PaD, triggers and even thumb-sticks: it can utilize game streaming services such as Steam (for PC games), Onlive and Playstation Now.

Google Glass

Google’s futuristic augmented reality display gained a lot of public attention when it was introduced in 2012; the company’s goal was to produce a small-market ubiquitous computer. Google Glass can view and record videos and photos, translate text and speech, show maps, display notifications, and users can use voice commands for any input. The prototype became available to the public in May 2014; although not so cheap (1500 dollars) it was a success among young people. Earlier this year Google announced that it will halt the prototype’s production, although the development of the product will be continued.


Android Devices (3)

By far the most popular Android based devices on this list, smartwatches offer a lot in a single device – you can send and receive texts, play music, update your social networks, take pictures or videos, store data and much more. There are numerous applications available for download (a great number of them free) so you can have a fitness tracker, a calendar, weather applications and so much more. One of the many smartwatches out there getting more attention lately is the “inglorious” cheating watch. Although as not as prominent as some other smartwatches, it’s a well-rounded device especially aimed at the student population, with its playful options and low price.


It’s not really a surprise that somebody made a serious Android based camera: Samsung’s Galaxy Camera runs on Android 4.1., featuring a large 4.8 inch touchscreen, a 21x optical zoom lens with 23mm aperture, plus a GPS locator so you can add location tags to any Facebook or Twitter upload. It can run any Google Play application, has smart features (DirectLink, MobileLink, E-mail, Photo Beam and Social Media Upload). And, oh, it can also make calls, but it would be wrong to call the device a phone with a camera, when it’s actually the other way round.

TV box sets

Connecting the Android experience with a TV is a formula that promises good sales: that’s several manufacturers launched their box sets which allowed Android applications to be used on TV screens. They are usually connected to the TV via HDMI cables and access the Internet via Wi-Fi to provide the fullest Android experience. Most of these sets include a remote controller, which can also be used to play games such as Raging thunder and Angry Birds (is it really a surprise that students adore it?).

Article written by : Goky Brkic, a passionate IT & tech enthusiast and all around gadget addict as well as aspiring writer of IT-related topics. When not exploring the world of tech, you can me cycling or spending time with friends and family.


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