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Talking About Hearing Loss At Work Is Getting Easier

The number of people who are suffering from hearing loss is quite increasing today. And aside from the challenge that they are facing due to this condition, another most apparent concern that they have is the fact that they cannot talk about it in the workplace.

It is only fitting, though, since they have this kind of notion that the loss of hearing may incur negative results and impacts to their current jobs.

Employees With Hearing Loss Face Stigma At Work

In the latest data gathered, it shows that half of the individuals who are suffering from hearing loss is pretty much afraid of discussing the said concern. And as mentioned, it is mainly because they are having worries of losing their jobs and positions.

Looking at other aspects, a great number of people who are suffering deafness feels that their employers lack the support that they need to conquer the day-to-day struggles in the workplace. In addition, other people who have the same concerns have stated that they feel isolated due to their hearing conditions.

Unfortunately, these are only some of the stigma and problems that they are currently facing in their respective workplaces.

Hearing Loss In The Workplace

If you are wondering why the number of people who are having this kind of concern is exponentially increasing, well, the only explanation for this is that several workplaces have very unhealthy noise levels. And even the quietest offices and buildings pose threats and risks to the hearing health in totality.

As it happens, over 22 million Americans are exposed to different hazardous noise in certain workplaces on a daily basis. And this makes the said condition a very common injury in the workplace.

Working With Hearing Loss

Today, over 60% of the people who have hearing loss are found in the workforce sector. And some of them have not treated or not doing anything to make things much better for themselves. And this has a really huge and negative impact on the work itself.

Hence, it is always recommended that each employee must subject to different tests and exams to check their hearing capacities so that it could be treated as soon as possible. In fact, people who use hearing aids are found to earn much more salaries and benefits than those who do not utilize hearing aids and headphones for hearing loss.

How Employers Can Help

As an employer, it is essential that you oversee everything including your employees and their respective conditions. In addition, employers must provide every employee with a safe and sound environment where equal opportunities are achievable to everyone.

If the workplace possesses a hazardous noise level, then it is already given that employers must secure the employees with the right sets of equipment for hearing protection.

Also, it is important for the employers to make it well-known to every employee that certain guidelines are imposed to promote a safe and sound environment for everyone, especially for those who have hearing disabilities and challenges.

How Colleagues Can Help

As a colleague, you should also promote a safe and sound environment to your co-workers, especially if there are individuals who are suffering from hearing loss and disabilities. As much as possible, treat your co-workers with respect and the equal treatment that you give to others.

Even if you are not the boss, you can highly promote a positive, safe, and secure environment for your co-workers who have hearing conditions and challenges.

When talking to them, try to converse in a manner that they would effectively understand you. Also, you may do sign languages and other body languages that could help them much better.

Final Thoughts

All in all, talking about hearing loss in the workplace can be very challenging, especially for those who are suffering from hearing conditions. But even if you are not the one who has that kind of challenge when it comes to your hearing, you can naturally promote a great environment for them. And by doing so, you are allowing every individual to talk about it much easier.



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