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How To Clear Crome Cache And History Very Fast

In web browsers you have to clean Cache, History data and Cookies in routine. To apply this you clicks many tabs and buttons in different place, and it is so time consuming. Here we are describing you a easy way to clean all these things. No need to click on many tabs and buttons. You have no need to search in browser toolbar and settings. By the use of  this trick you can clear Cookies, Browsing History, Downloading History, Cache and Saved Password at the same time with single click. We can try many ways to do this trick. Most of people uses Internet Explorer 8 0r 9, Firefox and Chrome you can get to the cache clearing dialog by pressing three keys on your keyboard.

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1. Open Your web browser.

2. Press Ctrl, Shift, and Delete keys at the same time .

crome cache (1)

3. The browser’s clearing dialog opens instantly and you can clear you cache quickly by clicking on the check box.

4. Click clean button and you have done it.

Browsers store a lot of temporary files as we download or surfing. It slows down the browser’s surfing speed. We have to clean it to increase browser speed.


2nd way to clean it:-

1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

2. Select Tools.

3. Click on Clear browsing data.

4. Select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.

5. You can select beginning of time to delete everything.

6. Delete specific items from your browsing data store. Instead of deleting entire categories of your browsing data, you can select specific items to delete.


3rd way you can also use different types of extensions which are available online for chrome browser. By the help of these extensions user will able to clear the browsing history just by one click.

Cache Killer there are lots of extensions which are available online for cleaning your cache in your chrome browser. Cache killer is one of the most simply used extensions for chrome browser. This extension is very easy  only one click needed. When you have successfully installed and enabled this plugin on your chrome browser then it will help you by automatically erasing your cache plugin data.


Clear Cache extension works with many amazing features included. It allows you in removing your browsing data which generally contains history, downloads,cookies, cache, form fills, and other type of storage.




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