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How to Improve Call Center Operations

call center (2)To rate a contact center or call center, one should ideally check if it is a place where employees feel proud of working. With a bad culture, employees will naturally lack interest. It can have far-reaching effects. It’s often difficult to judge what’s lacking and what’s not in a workplace’s culture ( Coursework writing tips ). However, it shows when some culture is not working right.

Many people find culture a fluffy word, used often, but rarely understood. Call centers are often found facing long-standing issues causing negative impact. It affects the reputation of a company and its customer service.

Poor culture leads to bad customer service

It usually takes six to eight months before call centers can find out something wrong in their balance sheets. This may be because of the negative impact that culture has on a center. Most contact centers find heavy reliance on numerical indicators to measure their standards of customer service. Often, call-center mangers or heads investigate only those numerical indicators.

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Wrong practice of quantity

Call centers can be taken as repositories for all activities gone wrong in business. Most of them bother only about numbers like average call duration and hence fail. If agents feel their managers aren’t providing a conducive framework for doing their job, they start disliking their work. The longer a call center’s culture remains unrefined, the harder it gets to improve things.

Poor Leadership

Once agents are taught customer-service management by quantity, managing customers as individuals and catering to their individual needs becomes very difficult. And what is very wrong is that team leaders get little to depend on besides statistics to interpret how their teams are performing.

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Very few businesses are found participating in development programs at the team leadership level. That affects the quality of team leaders. This mentality in call centers brings great inconsistency. Team leaders usually become the biggest disruptions and barriers of culture enhancement in contact centers. Much effort may be required to get team leaders to work the right way.

A bad culture means agents won’t come to work. Hence, it is the management, not the employees who have failed to notice the signals.

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Poor culture breeds poor leadership

Poor culture in a contact center emerges gradually through poor leadership. Culture in a contact center cannot get refined as a result of imposing discipline, action plans and numbers. Team leaders have to become more accessible to and proactive with agents and managers.

A leader’s ability should include taking suggestions from their team even if they are uncomfortable. The agents are the first point of contact for end customers. They need to have a positive working environment and culture to perform well.

How good a culture can be created?

Managers need to be visible and accessible and not work from home unless it is extremely essential. Your absence from work leaves your team totally dismantled with no manager to guide. Moreover, if work from home can be an option for managers, why not for agents as well?

You might start a better culture by asking for suggestions from your agents and involving them. Try having an honest and open discussion with them about the issues facing all of you. You will have a better context for change and your agents will better understand why some changes are getting implemented.

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