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How To Open Pattern Lock Of Any Android Phone Without Data Loss

Pattern Lock makes your mobile data safe from unknown persons. But sometimes it create’s a problem when you forgot password. Losing the mobile data is the thing that everyone want to try to avoid ever. It feels very bad when you lose data . Once lost it’s very hard to recover. Lots of people search on the web and YouTube How to unlock Pattern Lock of Android Mobile. If you forgot the Pattern Lock and want to unlock it then you have to follow some steps carefully. Different type tricks can be used for this. No need to worry about data loss.

Google Alert Set

There is very commonly used method to bypass android pattern lock which you have forgotten but that will for sure make you loose all your applications, data and all your contacts and everything. Lets start our steps.

1st & Best Way

This is the easiest and fastest way to unlock your Android device. You will need an internet connection on your phone and a valid Google account. This method will takes a couple of seconds and you’ll be able to unlock your phone. After it you have to set a new password or pattern.

1. Click on the Forgot Password or Forgot Pattern option on your device . If  not able to see this enter the password incorrectly more than 5 times, then you will get a popup asking if you forgot your password.

android pattern unlock

2. Click on the Forgot Password option.

android pattern unlock (1)

3. Now you can proceed by 2 ways. 1st is by answering the security question that you might have set when you used your device for the very first time. The 2nd option is enter your Google login details.

android pattern unlock (2)

4. To go with Google account, tap on Enter Google account details and for answering the security question, click on Answer question.

5. If you are using the security question, then simply write the answer of the question.  If your answer is correct then you will be given an option to choose your new security lock, like as PIN code, pattern and password.

6. If you choose Google login method, then enter your Gmail ID and password and click on Sign in. If you don’t know your Google login details, then you can reset again your Google login details through the Google recovery page. After you have done resetting your password, you can enter your new login details for unlocking your phone.

7. Once your security question answer or your Google ID is verified,  now you can set new password or pattern.

android pattern unlock (3)


2nd way

In this method you have to connect android mobile with USB cable and PC.

1. Install ADB driver.

2. Open the folder where you have installed this driver.

3. Now you just have to click right on the screen’s blank area along with hold the shift key and select “OPEN COMMAND WINDOW”.

android pattern unlock (4)

4. A window command will open and then you just need to type the following:

  • adb shell
    cd /data/data/
    sqlite3 settings.db
    update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
    update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';

5. Now reboot your android device.

6. Process completed.

Now your android device pattern lock is disabled.


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