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How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos From Memory Card

In this world of digitization, everybody has a digital camera and smart phones these days. Most people use digital cameras to record and capture wonderful moments of their life. But, as we all know, digital pictures are easier to lose or delete than traditional film pictures. As the technology is going high, the digital camera has a useful but dangerous delete button. One mishap may delete one or all of the pictures instantly without any delay. Suppose it happens, then do you think the valuable pictures were lost permanently? No, don’t be upset. There are some easy ways to recover and restore them.

The digital camera and mobile stores the pictures you have taken, in separate files on a flash memory card, which is also called as “digital film”. You can find many different types of memory cards like as MMC Card, SD, xD Picture Card, CF, SmartMedia, Memory Stick and many more. These card type has different brands like Sony, Kingston, SanDisk and more. They all are of different capacity, sizes and appearances. But, the working of the each card is same, to hold pictures and videos. They work like the old hard drive and floppy disk.


When we delete some pictures, from you’re the device, our camera locates the picture files on the memory card and then “deletes” them. In the most cases, the camera doesn’t delete the picture file body, but leaves them as it is. There we have a chance to retrieve and recover them. This is not a big deal to find online tools. You can do it by free and paid software.

We use these storage for videos, photos and software too. Here we concentrate on how to treat the possibility of data loss by mistake. This article can become a lifesaver for those readers, who have accidentally deleted their data from SD card. It can also helpful for the people who have lost their data in unusual corruption.

The user should remove the affected SD cards from their cameras or mobile phones immediately. You must not use the same card if you want to recover. Because if you use the card after files delete, the new files will overwrite the old files. So there will be a less chance to recover.

Here we are writing about some most preferred and useful Pc tools, which can recover lost data files. If you are connecting your mobile phone or camera device to a computer system, the storage will not read like a separate disk drive. You must remove the SD card from the camera and mobile phone, and connect them to Pc by card reader and to a laptop by built-in card reader.

The recovery softwares we are mentioning can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux. To start you will need a computer, a memory card reader and the affected memory card.


Recuva (for Windows)

Recuva version 1.51.1063 is a freeware software for windows. It is a small software of 4.02MB download. It can work with computer and laptop, running on Windows 2000 or above version. To recover your lost files from your SD card, you have to load the card on the PC via a card reader and select the corresponding drive in Recuva’s drop down menu. Now, you should run a scan via the Scan button.

After the scan, you will see a list of files on the card, which includes corrupted and deleted files. It will give you the option to recover the files, by using the Recover button. Recuva also gives you the option to find a number of other file types.

Click on “Switch to advanced mode” which will show you what file types the software is looking for.

Pandora Recovery (for Windows)

Pandora Recovery (version 2.1.1) is a free-to-use tool that also works with windows. The size with 3.12MB download works very well. Its like recuva, but you can also try this on formatted memory. Use it on slow mode, it should turn up more results than a quick scan.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery (for OS X)

The Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery software is a 13MB download. It supports Macs running OS X 10.5 or higher. To work with this, users will be required to connect their SD cards through a card reader. It can scan External Drives, iPods, USB Drives and Digital Cameras easily.

You can select the Recover Audio, Photo & Video option and click on the drive from the left panel. The software is also available for windows version. This software can scan the Hard Disk upto 2TB.


PhotoRec (for DOS, Windows 9x or higher, Linux, OS X)

PhotoRec (version 7.0 beta) is a 9.4MB download (for Windows 64-bit). It can work on all operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac OS).

Users can then select the location where recovered files should be saved. You can choose the types of files to search for using the “FileOpts” command from the main menu.



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