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How To Transfer Files Between Android & Pc Without Cable

Transfer your data between android mobile and pc with many ways. Sometimes you don’t carry the data cable with you to transfer files. There is no need to keep data cable with you when you know some tricks of wireless data transfer. Transfering data by bluetooth connectivity is so time consuming. If you want to send or transfer data to your pc like photos and data files without cable and bluetooth try these tricks. But before we proceed you have to connect android mobile and pc to the same wi-fi network.


Airdroid  is one of the best app to send data through wi-fi connection. You can use drag and drop in the panel.

1. Open play store and search for airdroid and Install the AirDroid app to your mobile phone system. Then you’ll be able to access your phone from a web browser and you will be able to copy or send files.

2. After installation you will see a six digit pass code at the bottom of the page. Please write this code in a note book that you will need later.


wifi data transfer (1)


3. Open your desired web browser and type this address there . You will be asked for password.


wifi data transfer (2)


4. Enter password that you have noted before.

5. When successful, you will see a interface . In the right side of the page shows your phone model and a brief summary of the phone memory status. With this user interface you can manage and send messages or view the videos, call logs, contacts book, pictures etc. To send a file from the computer to the mobile phone, click on the Files icon.


wifi data transfer (3)


6. Click the Upload button at the top right of the new window.


wifi data transfer (4)


7. Select folder or files that contains the file you want to upload.


wifi data transfer (5)


8. See it’s upload process and after that you can a success status under progress.


wifi data transfer (6)

Now you have done it.


wifi data transfer (7)


The 2nd ways to wireless data transfer is by cloud storage service. By this service you can save data in many cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and many other cloud service providers. you can download it any time any where as you like with these accounts.

Cloud storage service is a good way to keep your data safe and you have no need to use memory card too.

For more information on the cloud storage how it works please go to the link How to save your data with online cloud storage services.



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