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How To Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection

WI-FI ROUTER (2)Wi-Fi gives you freedom from wires to connect devices, but it can also give you a headache if you have connection problems. You have to take patience. The wireless signals may vary with two key factors: nearby interference and construction material of the building (NOW YOU CAN DRAW OR WRITE ON A WEB PAGE ). Sometimes it makes problem, when full range is not available. Problem may be very small, we have to just check all the connections and range of the device, which we can adjust easily. Connection troubleshoot doesn’t mean that hardware is defected every time. Please read following tips to check your wi-fi connection. CANON NEW CAMERA TO SHOOT IN DARKNESS.


Firstly disconnect your wi-fi network over your laptop or pc. Now check your wi-fi connection ( CHARGE YOUR SMARTPHONE WIRELESSLY WITH SAMSUNG NEW MONITOR) over other pc, tablet or smartphone, if it is getting full signal and wi-fi route. By doing this, you can check whether your laptop is making troubleshoot or your wi-fi router. If the router is working properly with other devices like smartphone or laptop, then you must restart your laptop and try again to reconnect by adding wi-fi router password. If it is troubling with the signal range, then your problem will be solved.

You should check your WAN or LAN connections properly (USE VPN TO SECURE YOUR SMARTPHONE).

Check and verify wireless adapter is installed properly.

Place your wi-fi router at the right position, so that it can spread the signal all around easily. Please don’t place the wi-fi router between to walls, or upon some electronic device. It can break or disturb the signals, and your work will be interrupt.


If you have placed the router outside the wall, then it will spread the signal outside, not to the devices inside. The location of wi-fi router is very important to increase the signal range.

You can increase your wi-fi signal by updating firmware software of the router. All the wi-fi devices like router, smartphone, digital watch, pc, accessories and digicam have firmware to control the device.

You can use old router or repeater to boost wi-fi signal range. You can also use metal reflector to route signals to a specific area.


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