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How To Uninstall Android Apps In Batch Mode

Google Play store is a big house of various kind of android apps these days. Here people downloads and install many apps according to their interest and requirement . Your mobile is full of installed app. You install new apps but forgot to remove or uninstall them. It makes your mobile hang and slow working. When you try to uninstall them their is no option to select multiple apps to uninstall, you have to do one by one. It looks so irritating but have to empty the space of mobile internal memory. So, apply the following trick to uninstall multiple apps from your mobile in less time. If you want to uninstall 20-30 apps at once you can do this very easily.

Given below is described about two best apps for this function. Read and apply

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Easy Uninstaller is easy to use app.

  • Just download and install this app from Google’s Play store and run. These apps works only on android mobiles.
  • As you launch it , it will show you an alphabetic order of the installed apps.

uninstaller (1)

  • There you will see a checkmark in front of each app listed. Mark the apps that you want to uninstall or delete.
  • After selecting click on the uninstall button at the and of the list.

uninstaller (2)

  • Then a conformation pop-up will appear to ensure you that you have selected the right apps to uninstall. If viewed the list then click the ok button. This will remove all the apps you have selected.
  • Easy Uninstaller will search for the data files that has been left behind of the removed apps and also asks you to delete them or not. This is a good thing that you can save the data of the removed app.
  • Just some clicks and manage the waste apps. You can sort the apps from the menu tab.
  • Long press on any app will show you more options and you can find the app detail there. In brief you can uninstall multiple apps in a small time period , check battery usage, app usage,app name,updates,version,search app by name,Search in play store,uninstall history.
  • But you can not remove the default installed app which comes with mobile.


Uninstaller’s  is also a nice uninstaller for batch mode removal. In this app you will not find checkmark option. Just start tapping on the apps you want to remove then click on uninstall selected apps option. This is fast uninstall tool for android. You can see version of the app,installation time ,size and more. Search option also available. It’s size is too small.

uninstaller (2)


uninstaller (4)




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