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How To Keep Your Identity Safe When Dating Online

With technical advancements and age of the internet, everything has become convenient from online shopping to social media; everything is closer now, and so is dating! With online dating, an entire field of opportunities has opened up for those who could not approach a prospective partner easily for any reason. Online dating is a heaven for those, who want to hook up with a person of your preferred choice. You can’t get that liberty in real life, but online, you can mention your preferences and start dating that person!

Popular Dating Websites – Some of the popular online dating websites are,,,, etc. On all these platforms you can specify your details, and mention what kind of partner you are looking for. A pool of matches will open up, and then you can select which one you are interested in, and voila! The person you want to date is now just a click away! But it is not as simple as it looks.


Dangers associated with online dating – With such convenience, comes dangers and challenges associated with online dating. These websites can also provide a platform to thieves to steal your important information and harm you in any way! Many cases of identity theft have surfaced in recent years, and they have made the users doubt the credibility of these dating sites. And to ensure that you are on a safe platform, you should make some checks and only then proceed.

Choosing Dating Websites – Selecting a platform to find a partner is imperative. All the top or most frequently visited dating websites ensure higher safety and more security to their users, thereby providing a reliable support as well. So avoid those websites which are either relatively unpopular, or new, or do not have a proper customer support.

Exchanging personal data online – One of the most common mistakes everyone makes online is sharing their personal data. No matter how much you fall in love with the person you’re dating online, never share your personal data such as bank details, passwords or even your address. You don’t know who might be waiting for you to reveal that information to plan his next move!


Make sure, what you see is what you get – There are many cases of fraud and cheating online. Many guys found a creepy middle-aged man sitting behind the beautiful profile picture of the girl they thought they were dating! It’s very important to establish a mutual trust and for that, you need to make sure that, the person you are talking to is at least authentic! You can find that out by asking them to provide the link to their social media such as Facebook, and there you can double check if the person is same what they are claiming to be.

Take your time while connecting with new people online – Do not ever rush into a relationship. Your curiosity to know someone might turn into a dangerous situation. Always take ample amount of time to trust someone before you agree to meet them, and trust is something that can be built only after a sufficient amount of time!

Be careful while deciding a place to meet – Never choose a secluded area to meet someone for the first time. Always choose a crowded mall or marketplace or any place, which has a lot of people. It might be a little unromantic, but it is at least 100% safe! And once you establish trust, you can plan your next date wherever you want to.

Be anonymous while creating your online dating profile – One of the full-proof methods to ensure safety is being anonymous while signing up on any dating website. This way you will make sure that your identity is secure. You can use identity theft protection reviews to choose a service that suits you, for a higher level of safety!


Kill Geolocation – Geolocation has made our lives easier, especially when you send your location to a cab-driver who can’t find your home, without having to put efforts to explain the address. But this convenience can also be misused, especially if you are dating a stalker! You never know how a person on the other side of your computer screen might turn out to be, and how he might affect your life in future if you ever decide to break up or cut contacts! To make sure that nothing happens, disable geolocation. Never send him your address or location from where you are chatting.

Use Caution when exchanging photos – We all know where nudes of unaware innocent girls and guys land up. Yeah, on porn sites! To ensure that it doesn’t happen to you, never share your intimate photos with the other person and never agree to have any video-sex, where you need to strip in front of a camera. You never know that he might be recording it all and deciding to sell it for a hefty amount!

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Online dating is sweet and sugary as long as it is done with caution and awareness. Otherwise, it can also turn into a nightmare. So, be careful and alert, and keep in mind the aforementioned points for a healthy and happy experience.

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