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Latest Trends Of Digital Marketing 2017 To Boost Your Business

In today’s world, Digital Marketing has now become a challenge for many businesses. The main focus of every business to increase the growth and revenue of the business and achieve a top position in the business world. It was estimated that about 50% of businesses focus on diverting traffic towards their website whereas about 74% businesses are striving to converts prospects into leads. The years 2016 has witnessed rapid growth in the development of social media, mobile marketing, VR and user experience. Now the focus is, to find out the latest trend of digital marketing in 2017. Lets one by one list each and explain their importance.

  1. Data management:

For all marketing professionals, data management and optimization is very important. Making the best use of data available is also essential. You should use different analytics and test them properly to create the real value of data. All the businesses should strongly focus on the data reports as Facebook insights, Adword reports, Google Analytics and any other available. It is necessary to gather all the information about your customers and business. It is known to be that there are about 70% of companies that are still collecting data about their social media channels. A report of DMA stated that about 24% of marketing budgets of companies will grow to find insights about social media. In order maintain good data management, following steps are necessary

  • Maintain a good data infrastructure: All the data should be stored in safe infrastructure. There are companies that setup internal data counsel to improve the usage of the data in case of reporting and distribution among the company.
  • Right talent for right data: This step is possible by hiring data specialist, data scientist or train the existing employees working at your company.
  1. In store marketing

In store marketing is defined as getting in contact with your customer when they are in store for making a purchase. It includes demonstrating your product in the store, coupon, sampling, advertisement etc. Unplanned purchases are also made through in store marketing in which a shopper comes to a store without the intention of buying that particular product. For example, you visit a supermarket and see few people demonstrating their brand and providing free sampling. You are called up for free tasting and you liked the product. After that you decided to buy the particular product. This is how in store marketing works.

  1. Video marketing:

This concept is being discussed since many years and gaining popularity over the time. It is estimated that in 2017 about 69% of the consumer traffic will be diverted to websites through video marketing. Video marketing can be used for many purposes like promoting your brand or building customer rapport or create awareness. Nielson reported that about 64% of marketers expect from video marketing to play a major in attracting prospects and converting them into leads. There are many ways of video marketing such as Live videos on Instagram, Google hangout or Facebook, Webinars or recorded videos.

  1. Programmatic Marketing:

This marketing has taken over a large part of advertising and is growing faster than content. It accounts about 50% of all advertising conducted everywhere. It has been reported by DMA that a single user is connected to five different devices at a time. This helps in creation of user bases and right content for the right platform. The programmatic marketing aims to improve to increase the efficiency of ad buying and make it affordable for everyone. The main purpose of this marketing is to make advertising cost effective and deliver greater results.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is a term used in marketing which means to meet the customers’ needs efficiently. It enables to increase the interaction between the customer and business and increase customer satisfaction. It is reported that about 74% of customers get frustrated when they face unwanted content on websites. Personalization is very essential in content writing as per the audience, device they are using or the stage of buyer journey. Many e-commerce websites personalizes their websites as per customer’s preference for different brand categories like Fashion, home and living or online grocery store.

  1. Native advertising

It is regarded as a kind of paid media in which the ad experience takes the shape of natural form and makes it feel like natural content. It should follow the experience of the user and make it function like natural content. There are many social media sites that use native marketing like Facebook, Pinterest. Native advertising can be divided into In feed native ads, Custom content units, Search and promoted listing etc. it is growing massively all around the world and accounts about $17.5 billion in 2017. The increasing trend of native advertising is due to the change of trend and movement away from traditional marketing styles.

  1. Mobile Marketing

This is another marketing style and a part of digital marketing strategy. It aims to reach out audience through smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices. It is known that about 80% of people use mobile phone and most of the queries on Google are made through mobile phones. According to Google, Mobo optimization is a key ranking factor and recommends that each website should have a mobile friendly view for users. Similarly, many websites like Online Shopping Nepal have launched their Shopping Applications to make the purchase process easy and also promote their brand.

  1. 360 videos

One of the major trend taking over is VR (virtual reality) or 360 videos. These videos are used across various sectors and many of them are still in trial process. Youtube has a great share in VR videos. Such videos are yet another way of creating brand awareness and marketing your brand.


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