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Make Fun With Facebook’s Videos At 360-Degree

Facebook 360 Videos (3)The most popular social sites have started 360-degree videos for their visitors. YouTube has already launched its 360-degree video feature, a few weeks ago. Now Facebook introduced 360-degree videos with star wars experience. Facebook chief believes that, virtual reality content will play an important role on social networking websites ( Find Old Post On Facebook ). The company has taken a notable step toward realizing his vision for the growth of company and new experience for visitors. 360-degree videos will start appearing on Facebook’s News Feed. This will give user a fully immersive viewing experience. Facebook has shared an artificial Star Wars video at the launch of this feature. WordPress Plugins For Facebook Users.

You can explore a scene on your smartphone by titling or turning it. You can use your finger or cursor to drag the picture around. You can enjoy 360-degree videos on Google Chrome or Facebook Mobile App. This amazingly new feature is available for Android and Desktop users, and will be started for his users. Though Facebook may not be the first to support 360-degree videos, but will try to make it the big part of Facebook experience. How To Turn Of App And Games Invites From Facebook Notifications?

Facebook 360 Videos (2)

The success of their concept will depend on the quality of the content. How much they can attract people to experience more. According to Facebook, plenty more 360-degree content for the site is just around the corner. Facebook can generate revenue from brands posting with 360-degree video ads, this all also add more traffic. How To Save Facebook Chat History On Android Smartphone?

Facebook 360 Videos (1)

People are excited to see more compelling and innovative 360 degree videos. Everyone with the right video gear will be able to add 360-degree videos. This is a step toward 360-degree virtual technology.


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