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How To Make Group Video Chats In Whatsapp Using A Third-Party App

The instant messenger apps like Skype, Facebook’s Messenger, Hangouts, Kakao Talk, Tango and Viber offer their users with the video calling option. But the feature was not available on the most popular instant messenger app, WhatsApp. When WhatsApp launched their voice call feature, the anticipation for the video call grew higher among the users, so to fulfill the user’s desire the app announced the release of their video calling option in the beta version of Android v2.16.80 and the users can even download the APK files from the APK Mirror.

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Video calling app using WhatsApp service

Since the video calling feature of the WhatsApp is in the testing phase, it is available to the testing team in the Google Play store. To solve this issue, a new app allows the WhatsApp users to place video calls not only with a single contact, but even as a group.


Rounds Entertainment, a third party organization launched an app that offers a video call option for the WhatsApp users using both the Android and iOs called the Booyah. Even before the Rounds Entertainment launched Rounds, that exist as a social platform connects with all the friends in the friends list and allows chatting option that is similar to that of Facebook’s Messenger. With the help of this app, the users can place a video chat with their family and friends in the messenger app. This is a free app that is available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play store from which the users can download it on their device. When the user downloads the app on their device, it will have the access to all the contacts that are available in the messenger app.

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In the case of the Android, the app requires the user to access some of the applications on the device like the camera, photos, media, files, network access, microphone and Wi-Fi. The user will be able to place a video call to the intended recipient only if they have installed this app on their device. The recipient will receive a link when the user initiates a video call and if the recipient accepts the call they can chat through the video call. In the course of the conversation, the user can add other members also in the conversation.

Placing a video call using Booyah

  • After downloading and installing the app on the smartphone, the app will request for permission to access some of the applications on the device.
  • Once when permissions are given to the app, the user can have a visual communication to the intended recipient.
  • The users can see three icons at the top of the screen when they open the app. The first icon is for hanging up the call, the second icon is for adding another recipient to the video conversation and the other icon is to flip the camera view to make sure that the other person is able to get a good view of the person they are talking with.
  • The user need not worry because when they use the app for the first time, each step will be prompted with the assistance in the app.
  • To make a group call, the user has to select the second icon that will allow the user to add the contacts to the call window.
  • If the user closes the app in the middle of the call they need not panic because only the video freezes but they will be still connected through the voice chat.


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The user can end the call by pressing the top red button, the hanging button to end the call. If the user fails to end the call, they will still be connected to the line. So, the users have to make sure that they have pressed the call ending button at the end of the call. The users find some difficulty in using the because it fails to display some of the contacts during the chat and other issues, however it is an efficient app that allows all WhatsApp users to place video calls in the cross platform forum.

WhatsApp video chat feature

The instant messenger app announced about their launch of their new feature, the video calling feature that allows the users to visually chat with their friends and family. People can download the app from Google Play store or from APK Mirrors. The video calling feature is included in the call icon of the app, so the users those who wish to place a video call must click on the call icon which gives them two options, the audio call and the video call. On selecting the video call, the users receive a popup message that says the feature is still not available in their device, because the feature now available only for the testing team under the Beta testing program.

But if the feature is available for the users to use, it will definitely be similar to the video chat feature of the other instant messenger apps like Viber or Skype. In the case of Viber, the user has to initiate a voice call that will connect the call and then they can tap the video call option to change the mode. Unless the intended recipient does not activate the video calling mode, the user cannot see the receiver. In Skype, the user can easily lace a video chat with their family and friends, simply by downloading and installing the app in their phone. Unlike Viber, the user can directly place a video call by tapping on the contact they wish to place the call with.

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There are some features present in Skype that allows the users to choose between whether to receive or place a video call.

Receive calls: The users can use this option to select the contacts from which they wish to receive video calls from; this also avoids them from receiving anonymous calls from unknown numbers.

Video chat enable: In general, all the video chat option is enabled on most of the devices, but if it is not, then the user can make use of this option to enable the chat.

Video quality: This option allows users to choose the quality of the video. A high quality video consumes more data.

Technical information: Using this option, the user can see the technical information about the calls they have received and made.

  Automatic call answering: This option will automatically open the line for the voice and video chat with the consent of the user.


These are some of the options available in Skype that are also expected to be present in WhatsApp. People’s anticipation grew to the next level because of the acquisition of the messenger app by the social media network, Facebook. In 2014, the company paid twenty two billion dollars and acquired the messenger app to increase the user base around the globe.

Even though the people are unable to make video calls, they still have the option of sending video clips to their contacts. The process of sending the video clip is similar to that of sending business card, location details, photos or audio clips. The send the video clip, the user must open the chat and click on the attachments to add the video clip; they can also forward the video they received from another user and need not worry about the data used to send the video because they do not have to upload the message.

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The app has recently released the end to end encryption feature that allows the user to send messages that cannot be interrupted by any third party medium. With this feature in mind, one can expect that they would provide the same kind of security and privacy in the video calling feature of the app. A lot can be expected from WhatsApp because it is planning to get many businesses and enterprises on board.

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