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Make Your Surfing Skills Smarter For Google To Get Accurate Search Results

These days everyone in this computer world expect to be up to speed on Internet search techniques in Google. Students are using Google search to understand the whole concept and to make higher score in their studies. But there are still a few tricks that the users and even savvy searchers may not be aware of, so the knowledge of right Google surfing skills can help them. Improve your Google search or surfing skills with our tips and tricks. Internet surfing is known as the most powerful tool today. Google is the first preference source for the students to find the study material to gain knowledge. Students can become skilled searcher by Google skill. Google skill can help you in all fields other than study.


Learn tricks and tips to become a fast and effective fact-finder with Google. Deepen your understanding of solving complex research problems using advanced Google search techniques.

Google has been fanatical about speed. Search with Google and you can refine the search by clicking tabs for Videos, Images, Shopping, News and Maps. You can set to Google alert, which is an email alert that can be set for your search items by daily, weekly or monthly.

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Tips that make Google search easy and fast:-

  1. Google search operator Allintitle helps in special search. It shows the specified results according to the search terms written in the search box. For example if you write allintitle: virus definition then it shows the web page link to you in which contains “virus” and “definition” as title. Please write your desired search topic along with “allintitle:” in the search box.


  1. If you are looking for a special file type format like word, excel or pdf then you should use “filetype:”. For example “Poems filetype: pdf”, then it shows you PDF files related to Poems.


  1. In Google news “location” operator can be used to find out all the information and news related to a particular place. Like “car accident location: Mumbai” will tell you about the car accidents held in Mumbai. In this you can search by the source, “source: discovery news”.
  1. Operator “define:” is used to describe the meaning of a word.


  1. If you want to search similar websites like a special item website then go for “related:”. Use related:


  1. You can add two search items with “:” like Movies: Horror.


  1. If your operator is not working try by removing space after “:” and if it is already removed then make a space after it.





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