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Marshmallow Must Know Unique Features

Marshmallow (5)Google has recently launched Nexus smartphones with Android Marshmallow Operating system. After Google’ s launch, other companies has also started the Marshmallow update option in their smartphones. Here we are mentioning some unknown but most useful features of Android Marshmallow ( How To Get Facebook Updates On Your Smartphone Lock Screen? ). Your smartphone will become more smarter by using these features. You can do your work by saving more time and with multi-tasking.

Save Battery Consumption :- The Android Operating system consumes lot of power. Most of the Android users have the complaint of quick battery discharge. Android’s battery discharge main cause, the apps running in the background without usage. Marshmallow features a Doze mode. This feature is said to bring your smartphone to a near-off state when it has been idle for a long time. In this feature, if your Wi-Fi is On and there is no connectivity then after some it will automatically Turn Off. Like this, it will Turn Off many heavy background apps and Sync options. Android 6.0’s Doze resulted in times the battery life compared to Android 5.0 on the same device with the same apps. Doze allow important notifications and alarms to pass.

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Easy Direct Sharing : – There are only two file transfer options available in the old Android versions smartphones, before the launch of Android Marshmallow. These are Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth. The user have take help of the USB data cable or any third party app. The new Marshmallow contains a lot of direct file sharing/transfer options. With this direct sharing options, you can transfer data very quickly.

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Automatic System Check : – Android Marshmallow has a verified boot feature like Windows secure boot. This features timely indicates user, if anyone has made any changes or not without your permission. You will stay alert for any kind of changes.

Easy Graphic Design & Touch : – Android Marshmallow supports Bluetooth styles. To make this happen, you have to pair styles bluetooth to your smartphone. This tool is especially helpful to the graphic designers. With the help of this tool, you can design graphics and other designs in your Android smartphone.

Link URL To The App : – This is a new kind of feature, that Marshmallow has added. Now you can link a website URL with its app. If you have added any website URL link of flipkart with its app, then every time you browse things related to flipkart, you will be redirected to flipkart’s Android app. This app is very useful to access the E-Commerce websites.


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