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Most Useful Time Saving Search Tips For Google(Android) And Spotlight(iOS) Search

Spotlight and Google Search are two best time saving tools for iOS and Android devices. With some clicks on Spotlight and Google search option, you can easily launch the apps without opening the app drawer. You should not dig into the home-screen folders. You can enjoy music without opening the music app. You can search for movies rentals in iTunes, call a contact, track the flight, check the weather, surf the web with one easy stop. Here we mention some most used time saving Spotlight and Google search tips.


Jump into a contact: – Save you time while calling, mailing and text messaging. You have no need to launch Contact’s in iOS and Android’s people app. Let’s make it faster work. You have to just type the name of the contact to Spotlight or Google search box. As you start typing, it will show you the suggestions that you are searching.


Search An Address: – This feature makes address search easy and short. Start typing address in Spotlight or Google search. The Spotlight search will show you the list of mapping results ( For iOS users) and the Google now on Android will show you a map on your home screen.

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You have no need to open Google Map and Apple Maps.

Search A Movie Reantal Or Tv Show ( iOS users): – When you are in mood to rent Hollywood blockbusters and other movies or favorite Tv Shows from iTunes, You have no need to go to the iTune app button. Open Spotlight and type the name of TV show or Movie you want to rent. You will see the best suggestion as you type some keys. You can grab benefit from this feature to find books and songs on iTunes.

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Easy App Launch: – Multiple home screens and many app folders are very common in the recent smartphone, who manages multi-tasking easily. Finding a single app among so many apps, is a little time consuming. But with Spotlight and Google search, there are few words to type to get the exact app result. The few letters of the app and the icon will appear just below the search box.

Web Surfing: – Many people know that, the Android user can search anything from Google search box, but did you know you could do so with iOS’s Spotlight search also. Your web search result will appear just below the Spotlight search box. This will save time of opening the browser and then search. Apart from this Spotlight will display any relevant Wikipedia hints just above the webs results.

Reaminder For Android Only: – This feature also work as a super easy alternative to set up a reminder on your Android phone. You should go to the search box on your smartphone home screen. Type something along with “Remind me”. Android will set up a reminder for you.

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Music and Video Search: – This is an easiest way to go to your music and video files directly. Whether you are using Android or iPhone, iPad. Type the name of artist, album or song name in the Google and Spotlight search box and, you have done all.

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