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Why Do You Need To Backup Your Data

This Blog emphasizes the importance of Data Backup in this fast-paced digital environment. Adding more, it also tells about different backup modes and its benefits along with a solution when the backup gets damaged or fails.

In modern security landscape, digital storage devices are the prime storage house for data security. In this fast-paced world, data loss instances have also evolved than before. Now, in addition to hardware corruption or human failure, cyber-attack and malware are also important reasons to cause serious damage to data. If we look at the figure of data loss factors, then the average estimate is as follows:

  • Hardware Corruption Issue – 44%
  • Human error issues – 32%
  • Software Corruption Issue – 14%
  • Virus Attack or Attack by Other Malicious Code – 7%
  • Natural Disaster- 3%

Based on this analysis, we can quickly state that it is imperative for every Small-and-medium businesses, Enterprises, and last but not the least,individuals to back up their data. Moreover, this backup practice should be regular and systematic.

Let’s now delve into what a backup is, why it is necessary, and how to exercise it?                            

What is Data Backup?

Backup is a process to create just another copy of all the critical data saved on your computer at any otherplace. The primary intent of creating a backup is to keep data safe and secure. This copy is a boon in disaster scenarios.

Why is Backup Necessary?

The simple logic to create a backup is to ensure protection against data loss situations. It is necessary because none of the devices are immune to getting damaged or corrupt. Whether you are using smartphones, PCs, laptops, Hard Disks, SD Cards, or Pen Drives, all will eventually fail after an extent of time.  Also, have a look at the below-stated figure to solve all your apprehensions.

  • Within few years, on an average 30% of laptops fail
  • Within 4-5 years’ span, on an average 20% hard disk fail
  • On an average, almost 1in 10 systems are affected by a virus or malware
  • Every minute, about 113 phones are stolen
  • Almost 29% of the electronic loss are due to accidents

Now that you know why we need a backup, let’s now look at its execution.

How to Perform a Backup?

You can take Backup both Online and Offline.

  • Online Backup
    • Simplified way
    • In this process, users can save data on cloud using Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Dropbox, etc.
    • Perfect option for both Individuals and Business Professionals

Benefits of Online Backup

  • Safe and secure
  • Continuous back up
  • Unlimited plans options
  • Ensure anytime, anywhere access

 Offline Backup

    • In other words, it is data stored on external devices
    • You can use optical media, SSDs, USBs, External Hard Drives, Tape Media, etc. to store data

Benefits of OfflineBackup

  • Facilitates fast Storage as well as Access
  • Free from hidden or added cost
  • Offers full process control

Backup Creation Frequency

A very critical point to take into account as data loss circumstance can arise anytime. Therefore, if you create a yearly or monthly backup, you may end up losing some data. That is why the best practice is to backup your data regularly.

A Secure Backup Policy—3-2-1 Rule

A simple rule to three redundancy files creation! According to this rule—Create three copies of all the data, Select two different formats to save data, make sure to create one offsite back.

The main intent of this rule is if in some scenario, one backup fails, you still are safe as you have two or more backups with you.

Backblaze Backup Awareness Survey 2015 Prediction

Among 100 users,about 75 will create a backup, and 25 does not;and, of the 75, only 8 does a daily backup, 9 does a weekly backup, 19 does monthly backup and 39 yearly back-ups.

What if your Data Gets Damaged or if you Do Not Backup your Data?

Does this situation state that your data is lost forever or do you feel that you have lost all the essential information?

On the contrary, No! The reason being, when we delete a data, we only delete its indexing. Therefore, unless and until a user overwrites on that free space, data recovery is possible.

One effective solution that works like a wonder in both logical and physical damage scenarios is data recovery service by professionals. It addresses both physical and logical failure efficiently.

Recommendation— Stellar Data Recovery Service

Foothold in the year 1993, Stellar Data Recovery is the leading online destination designed to cater to the extensive needs of Data Recovery users. This is the most preferred destination and is handled by competent and knowledgeable professionals who have years of expertise in this particular domain. ISO 27001:2013 certified, this firm targets all data recovery needs across the globe in a hassle-free manner. Trust them for 100% proven results with reliability.

Why choose Stellar Data Recovery Service?

  • Class 100 Clean Room Recovery Lab
  • Use of Industry-best Data Encryption techniques
  • Biometric Control secure infrastructure
  • No Recovery, No Charge policy
  • Free doorstep pickup facility
  • Data Destruction after recovery using proprietary tools

The Way Forward

Creating a Backup of your valuable data is vital in this digitized environment. It acts as a savior in data loss situations. Therefore, to avoid the outcomes and consequences of data loss scenarios, backup your data regularly.


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