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Never Forget Anything With Best Mobile Assistant Apps

siri-for-android-348x196Siri is the most recognizable mobile assistant, which is helpful. We have best Siri apps for Android which indecently is just not called Siri. The best Siri Apps for Android are the ones which help you in your day to day life (CLICK HERE TO KNOW HOW TO LAUGH WITH APPS). This makes your daily work easy and simple. We have some examples like driving to work, making a presentation on time and calling cousin on his birthday etc. A good mobile assistant should be helpful while remaining non-instrusive. Combine these great apps with a To-Do list and a Notepad. This will help you not to forget anything in your life.


Skyvi knows everything from Local Businesses to Celebrities. She can text/call friends, tells jokes, find places and make witty remarks.

Skyvi (1) Skyvi (2)

Main Features:

  1. You can get directions.
  2. You can do Voice Texting.
  3. You can make Calls to Contacts & Play Music.
  4. You can make text by voice.
  5. Make Fast find and call places.
  6. Make Tweet or Update Facebook with Voice, such an amazing features.

What are you waiting for, just get this app. CLICK TO KNOW TO TO KEEP YOUR DATA SAFE.


Assistant uses natural language technology to answer questions, launch apps, find information, set alarm clock and also connect you with various web services to make your work easy.


As the Assistant learns about your favorite places, preferences and services, it takes into account your current environment and schedules in order to provide the best suggestions and Assistant functions customized to you. You have no need no memorize any commands or learn any special tricks to make the Assistant work for you. The whole thing you have to do is, just speak naturally and the Assistant will understand you. EDIT YOUR TEXT WITH EDITING APPS HERE.

Top Assistant

Top Assistant is a powerful toolbox, which provides a magic button. The button floats on your phone screen and you can move it to anywhere.

Top Assistant (1) Top Assistant (2)

How to use it:
First launch the app. Start service and then a touch dot (float button) will show on the screen. When you click the touch dot, it will show a panel. If you want to close the panel, just click center of the panel. All the basic function buttons are available in this panel.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Your own personalized virtual assistant is at your service all the time. You must command your assistant to complete tasks quickly and easily.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Popular Features:

  1. Choose a voice and create a name for your assistant.
  2. Send and receive text messages.
  3. You can post Facebook and Twitter updates and emails.
  4. It has accurate voice recognition technology.
  5. Set reminders and make appointments.


Here is one of the best voice assistants that has several million downloads till date. With Voice Search you have no need to memorize special keywords or phrases. Only speak into your smartphone and voice actions will automatically respond to what you need.

Jeannie (1) Jeannie (2)

With Jeannie voice actions you will be able to Answer questions, voice dial, send emails, set alarms, listen to music automatically and make fun with many more features.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

Indigo is your own mobile assistant. You must carry her with you wherever you go. She has added fun to your daily tasks and activities. Indigo is a voice assistant who tells jokes, controls our music, reads headlines, manages your calendar, translates, creates reminders, shows directions, web searching, searches YouTube and much more.

Indigo Virtual Assistant (1) Indigo Virtual Assistant (2)

Indigo is connected to services like Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, Wikipedia, Google maps, Yahoo, Google Images, World Weather Online, Google Translate and Wolfram Alpha.


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