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New Age All In One Movie Experience

Home theater completely changed our movie experience.  Not long time ago, only top directors, actors and business people were able to enjoy watching movies on big screens, while seating on comfortable seats in their homes. Now when home theater concept became widespread, people don’t want to waste any more time with watching amazing Star Wars or Hobbit special effects on laptop screens and listening R2D2 beeps on low quality computer speakers. New age movie experience is knocking at our door, and in this article we will present you all the benefits home theaters can bring to movie lovers and gamers.

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Say goodbye to crowded movie theaters

Ok, the process of going to the movies does have some kind of romantic feel attached to it, but now this is not the only place where you can enjoy expensive video and sound effects. Home theaters brought cinemas to millions of homes on all 6 continents. If you don’t have enough funds to buy branded home theater, you can always purchase big screen, sound system and chairs separately or do some DIY that will earn you a top notch movie experience. With movie theater you can watch some of the freshest blockbusters on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu, or relax with old episodes of Sopranos, Wire or Breaking Bad, in full HD, without even leaving your home. Most home theaters come with full range sound which will make Urkel sound more screechy and it will bring Star Wars fighter squadrons directly into your home. Watching Interstellar and Mad Max on big screens, with top sound, while you rest in a comfortable Barcalounger is just the right type of relaxation you need after a hard day at work.


Home theatre will turn your home into a concert hall

Watching movies is not the only reason why people are buying home cinemas. Most of these systems like Universal Home Theater for example, come with Sonos Home Audio systems, which use wireless technology to connect several sharp speakers in order to create the most powerful and clear sound that can also be used for turning your house into a concert hall or a discotheque. Most of these speakers come with connect boxes that turns them into music streaming systems, with an ability to play everything from radio and Spotify to podcasts and TED speeches.

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Incredible gaming experience

Today’s games are formed in the same way as blockbusters. Companies invest money in creating great dialogs, videos and sound effects. That’s why regular PCs are not the weapon of choice, when it comes to high resolution video games. Combination of xBox and big screen TV is good, but home theaters are even better environment for playing everything from Doom to Call of Duty. Home theater surroundings are especially good for multiplayer game sessions, where you can use comfortable chairs to relax with your friends. Or is ‘relax’ the right word? Because if you for example wish to play Call of Duty in a top notch home cinema, you will hear the shooting like bullets are flying over your head and Need for Speed will turn your comfortable home theater Barcalounger into a Corbeau racing seat.


After all these adrenalin rushes, you can also turn your home theater into a great romantic setting. Just mix up some cocktails, put some slow music on and play Casablanca, Notebook or When Harry Met Sally. This will enable you to see a completely different side of home theater system, without explosions, special effects, space battles and guitar riffs. Just you, your loved one and Rick telling Ilsa that they will always have Paris.

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