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Now You Can Become President Of America In The Virtual World

t3cbel2cThere is quite a big election race coming up next year, but there is a little time remains for the American President election. You can become a part election for American President and also become The President, then you can do this in the virtual world. The Political Machine 2016 can fulfill your dream. This is the new virtual world game for Pc users in the market.

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The characters are a big fan factor for this game. The game includes cartoon characters of the real leaders like Trump, sanders and Clinton. If you have not played this game earlier and thinking that the game may be boring and also based on American Politics, then you are wrong .

In this game, the player has to nominate a candidate, for which he will have to do a voting campaign. In this campaign, the player have to make selection of the dress, prepare the speech and make plan for how he will get finance. This game is similar to the earlier version of it’s own game launched in 2004, 2008 and 2012.


It is a board game, which present different visuals on each stage. You will it a different action on each movement like collecting funds, making a speech etc. The release of Political Machine 2016 on early access is timely indeed. The game is presented in a new way, and there are issues and candidates. You have to solve the issues while playing the game.

The earlier access of the game costs $9.99. you can get a full release of the game in the starting of next year.


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