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Play Desired Videos In Best Quality With Selected Video Players For Windows

The computer user must need a video player, to play its desired video file, that can be a movie, a video song, flash file or the mobile format video file. Media player is used to play such video files in your computer and mobile. These can be installed in every window system like window 7, window 8 and 8.1, according to the version of the software. By default you will only find one media player installed in it, window media player if you have windows operating system.



You can’t play all type of media files in window media player, you will need some other media player installed in your system. These media players can be installed in other operating systems like Mac, Linux and windows, not all but we have mentioned in which it can work properly. Below we have mentioned some best and selected media players for all operating systems.


MPC-HC (Windows)

Media Player Classic – Home Cinema (MPC-HC) is a community effort that’s largely fixed the issues and bugs with the original player. It added a ton of useful features in the process. MPC-HC worked only with windows. It is a remarkably lightweight media player, you can be up and playing video with MPC-HC before other slower media players bother loading. MPC-HC supports tons of video codec and format, so you can play anything without the need for additional codec packs. You can find a 64-bit version. It’s totally free and open-source, and it’s also available at a portable version.


You will find some features missing in this player, that advance user want, but that’s nothing that can’t be extended with external packs and plug-ins. It’s better and faster than other players by its speed and ability.

Here is a codec pack according to its requirement, which can fulfill all its codec supports.

K-Lite Codec Pack Full

Use K-Lite Codec Pack Full or K-Lite Codec Pack Standard, because they have almost same set of codec. It has the ability for the users to encode their own videos. K-Lite Codec Pack Full is best customized by users who understand frames per second, bitrates and resolution aspect ratios.

You can test its quality and speed by different main video formats WMV, MP4, AVI AND MKV.

VLC (Windows/OS X/Linux)

VLC is a portable and open-source video player, that can be installed in all the operating systems. This is also free. It earned its reputation by first in, playing anything in your computer. It supports a number of optional third-party plugins to extend its supports skin, features and themes. It can also play half broken video files.


The new version of VLC has come with a new interface, which is faster decoding, ability to play BlueRay, full HD and all types of video formats. It is the most flexible, stable and lightweight video and audio player around the world today.

VLC media player uses tons of formats from MPEG to FLV and RMBV files. You can click on the channel you want to watch and can stream almost immediately. You can use hotkeys, if you take the time to learn and don’t want to touch your mouse. The most used video format you can play are WMV, MKV, MPEG, MOV, MP4, AVI, XVID, DIVX, FLV, WAV, FLAC,VOB and REAL.


iTunes is an video and audio player, which is used to manage your iOS devices. By using it, you can download content from iTunes Store. The user interface is simpler and space is better utilized. In the old version of iTunes, there was a persistent bar on the left side, from where you can access albums, playlists and devices, while it provide quick access to the features. Click on any album to see the tracks in it.


iTunes uses simple interface and its mini player is nice. iCloud service has been good in it.


iTunes supports limited file format. iTune has no streaming service.

RealPlayer Cloud

Real Player Cloud is a best player to record, download, stream and store the new videos. You can easily organize your collection of pictures, music and videos, and also stream latest video files across the web, so why to wait, get start with RealPlayer iCloud. As you install and open the RealPlayer, it scans your hole computer system automatically to find out pictures, videos and music you have stored. You can organize them in different menus. You can use the 2.5 GB of cloud storage to upload videos.


You can download videos from Crome extension or by RealPlayer Cloud. You can bookmark the video and can share it on the web via facebook, twitter and email. You can trim or record a video using RealPlayer. In the private mode you can save videos in a hidden folder too. You can use the RealPlayer on Mac and windows.


KMPlayer is a lightweight windows and mac software to play audio and video files. It support a wide range MKV, AVI, WMV, FLV, AVS and many more. It supports 3D format also. You will find all options like plug-in, visualizations and playback. If you are in search of some light, but powerful and customizable video player, then KMPlayer will be the correct choice.


KMPlayer added a new feature, the cloud feature, that connects you to share your videos and music with your online friends.


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